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Alan Cowgill
Alan Cowgill
Master on Attracting Private Money


“How To Get The Money You Need To Buy Property Even If Your Credit Is Shot, You’re Broke And Living Paycheck To Paycheck.


From: Alan Cowgill
Thursday, 10:07 a.m.

Dear Friend:

Imagine its two months from now. Your local competitors can never seem to line up financing fast enough. In fact, many of them are afraid to make offers because they don’t know how they’ll finance the deals. But you have an unfair advantage…

You’re surrounded by many private lenders, ready and eager to finance your real estate deals. I’m talking about individuals who love getting a good return on their investment dollars. With their money.


  • You always have cash to close the deal.
  • You’re buying dirt-cheap properties like there’s no tomorrow.
  • You make every offer with confidence.
  • You never take a dime out of your pocket. You always get 100% financing, plus the money you need for renovations.
  • You’re advanced part of your future profit the day you buy a property.
  • If you want, your loans have no monthly payments. (After all, you’re the one who defines the loan terms.)
  • You don’t lose a bargain property to someone with “all cash” because you can’t finance the deal fast enough.
  • You never pay points, fees, or prepayment penalties, and your closing costs are minimal.


And now that you’re free from using your personal funds, there’s no limit to the number of properties you can buy.

If you have private lenders now, you’ll learn to attract so many more that they fight to loan you money. And once they’re in competition, they’ll gladly accept a lower interest rate. (After all, their only safe alternative is a CD that pays a paltry rate or return)

But your credibility is a huge factor. Without the right approach, you could be dismissed as a “fly by night”, wreck your precious lending relationships, or get trampled by the SEC.

My name is Alan Cowgill. Since 1997 I’ve perfected 16 methods for attracting individuals anxious to loan me money. I’ve done hundreds of real estate transactions.


We have felt stagnant in our real estate business due to the tightened lending practices of banks over the past nine months. Alan Cowgill’s boot camp on "Where to Get the Money" has empowered us with knowledge and skills to locate and secure private money lenders to get us back in the business of real estate investing at a time where the deals are endless. This boot camp is the best we’ve ever attended – we’re supercharged on the Road to Financial Freedom!!!


— Adam Erhardt & Leslie Went


I want to show you how to duplicate my success and avoid the pitfalls. You’ll discover my bulletproof methods for attracting private lenders, making the right impression (as competent and credible), and winning their trust.


Why seasoned investors never use banks


If you still think banks are a good source of financing, read on…

I have good credit, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. I once waited 4½ months to get a bank loan approved. If the seller had been impatient – which is common among distressed sellers – I would’ve lost the deal.

I’ve also found that you can’t count on your relationship with a banker. I did, and then one day the “regulators” came in and blocked him from doing investor loans. That shut me down instantly. When you’re at the mercy of banks…


  • You lose all of the best deals. That’s because distressed sellers can’t wait for your loan to fund. They need cash today, not in 30-60 days.
  • You’ve got to cough up a 20% down payment. So your personal funds are tied up, crippling your cash flow, and limiting the number of properties you can own at one time.
  • You’re nailed with excessive points and loan fees.
  • You can’t finance unusual deals, since banks are very picky about which properties they’ll finance.
  • Your cash flow is wiped out by monthly payments.
  • You could be approved, only to have the underwriters challenge at the last minute.


You’re also disqualified from borrowing when:


  • You own “too many” properties
  • You don’t have extremely good credit.
  • Your income or credit doesn’t satisfy the bank – a common problem when you want to finance high-priced properties, such as lakefront houses or apartment buildings.
  • You leave your salaried job, but your real estate business doesn’t yet have a two-year track record.


Banks might have worked until now. But if you want to own more than a couple of properties at once, they’ll cripple you. Do you really want your hands tied by the strict underwriting guidelines of bankers?


"Hi Alan,
I wanted to thank you for putting on such a great bootcamp last weekend in Las Vegas. I have been to many and this was certainly among the best – if not THE best. I enjoyed your straightforward delivery and appreciated how you taught us to find and interact with private lenders. I also really liked the "soft sell" approach you emphasized.


— Steven Stuller 


Never again be handcuffed by “creative financing”


If you’ve already given up on creative financing, you can click here to skip this section. However, if you still rely on seller financing, lease options, and “subject to” financing, read on.

On those very rare occasions when sellers agree to creative financing, these techniques are great. They free you from using banks and hard-money lenders. But look at the downsides:


  • You lose out on most of the deals you find – since 90%+ of sellers are afraid of seller financing
  • You can’t buy REOs this way.
  • You often pay a higher price (to persuade the seller). And the experts who teach these methods are the first to admit this. How is it a “good deal” when you pay a premium price?
  • You’ll find this method impossible in a hot seller’s market.
  • You lose out on bargain properties – because they attract all-cash offers.


Heck, when you sell a property, which do you prefer? A term that leave you cash-poor, with ongoing risk if the buyer defaults, or an all-cash offer?



"Before I discovered your system, I lost subject-to deals because I didn’t have the cash upfront. Now I have the confidence to go for deals that I would have had to pass on."


— Clem Carrion 


Hard-money lenders squeeze you dry


If you’ve already ruled out hard-money lenders, you can click here to skip this section.  However, if you’re still at the mercy of hard-money lenders, or you’re considering them, read on…

            When sellers are distressed, they need cash fast. They can’t wait for bank loans, and they rarely offer creative financing. So without my private money secrets, hard-money lenders might be your only option. But there are far too many downsides:


  • You’ve got to cough up a 15% down payment. This ties up your personal funds, cripples your cash flow, and limits the number of properties you can own at one time.
  • You’ve got to pay the loan back within 12 months – so you can’t lease option or owner finance the property.
  • You pay a high interest rate plus five points. And you get eaten alive by all of the additional padded closing costs.
  • You’ve got to show good credit and tax returns. A decade ago, hard-money lenders loaned money solely based on 65% LTV, but today they’re a lot more like banks.
  • You’ve got to cough up your own cash for renovations – because your rehab funds are stuck in escrow. So even though you’re paying interest on this money, you don’t get it until after your renovations are validated by an appraiser. (And you have to pay for the appraiser.)
  • You’re slammed with a huge pre-payment penalty – if you flip a house in less than three months.


In short, you’re stuck with the lender’s hard-nosed terms. And your exit strategies are severely limited.


What interest rate attracts private lenders?


My protégés and I offer lenders a high rate of return, depending on the loan period and whether or not there are monthly payments.

You’ll structure your loans so they have no monthly payments. (Interest accrues until your loans are paid off.) But you can entice your lenders to accept lower interest rates by offering them monthly payments – or loan terms of several years.

If you’re flipping houses and you only need cash for a few months, it’s not cost of the money that’s important, but the availability of it.

And if you plan to hold a property for years, a long-term amortized loan will attract many private lenders. While the percentage is a bit higher than a bank’s rate…


A bank loan is worthless if it doesn’t fund fast enough!


Sure, a bank’s rate may be lower.  But that loan is worthless if you lose the deal to someone with all cash (or you don’t have the down payment).

What’s more, those hypothetical “savings” are gobbled up by the bank’s inflated points, fees, and closing costs. (Not to mention pre-payment penalties later on.) You might have to hold the property for a decade to offset these overblown costs!

With 100% financing from private lenders, you can pay cash for houses and get them dirt-cheap.  You can even borrow the money you need for renovations.  So you can beat your competitors to the punch, then get your properties fixed and sold quickly. Best of all,

You have zero out-of-pocket costs!

Lender gets his high return and you make easy money. And with private lenders I bring home a check the day I buy the house.

For most private lenders, a high rate of return secured by a mortgage is more attractive than a CD that pays a paltry low return. The key is winning their trust. And you can burn your bridges by approaching them the WRONG way.


Don’t let overconfidence damage your
valuable lending relationships


From time to time, I get emails from overconfident investors who heard my brief lecture and then jumped the gun. Excited by the benefits of private money, they ran to their friends and relatives for loans, only to be snubbed. When they were tested with specific questions, they stumbled.

They burned their bridges because they didn’t know the right way to “position” themselves and win the confidence of prospective lenders.

Please don’t make this fatal mistake. Once you burn your relationships, it’s very hard – if not impossible – to salvage them. Why risk being caught off guard with questions you can’t answer?

Why gamble away your hard-won relationships?

If you make the wrong first impression, you’ll be dismissed as an amateur or fly-by-night – and it will be difficult to ever reverse that perception.

Just knowing that it’s possible to borrow from friends and colleagues isn’t enough. To come across as credible and competent, you must be ready to answer all their questions.

See, lenders need to trust you to complete your renovations, make timely loan payments (if there are any), and pay off the loan balance as agreed. That’s why I created a four-day Boot Camp called:


“Where To Get The Money: How To Attract And Borrow From Private Lenders”


The faculty and agenda have never been duplicated anywhere else on earth. At this groundbreaking event…

You’ll learn how to make your phone ring off the hook with prospective lenders, win their trust, and create a supply of money – ready to be loaned on your terms.

If you wait until it’s sold out, you won’t be able to discover my private lending. But if you act now, you’ll discover how to:


  • Borrow with no down payment – using a property’s after-repair value to give your lenders security.
  • Borrow with no points or pre-payment penalties.
  • Borrow with no approval process, no credit check, and no tax returns.
  • “Position” yourself correctly so lenders accept your rules and terms.
  • Borrow 100% of the money you need for renovations.
  • Use your “all cash” position to negotiate rock bottom prices on the properties you buy.
  • Get a “cash advance” against your future profit. Just like me, you can go home with a check the day you buy a property.
  • Borrow with no monthly payments. Entice lenders to let interest accrue until you sell the property. This is the secret to cash flow management used by the “pros”.


In the first 24 hours, many of my students amassed private money – using my simple, duplicable techniques!

My favorite part is their amazement at how easily my techniques work.

Your results could be similar.

If you’re fortunate enough to participate, you’ll discover how to…


  • Borrow millions without having it show on your credit report. This will help keep you lendable when you need your credit for large projects.
  • Make your prospects beg to loan you money. Easily convince them that loaning you money beats any other investment.
  • Use private money to provide sellers with “walk away money” when you buy houses “subject to”
  • Have money waiting for you. The moment you sell one property, have your next loan sitting there, waiting for you to buy another.
  • Win the approval of your prospective lenders when they “test” you.
  • Discover the hidden pitfalls of credit lines – and the hidden costs of buying properties with your own cash.
  • Create a new income stream as a hard-money broker. When you have too many lenders and can’t use all the money, it’s a breeze to profit from this lucrative side business. (And your social status skyrockets when you’re the “money man” everyone turns to.)


Explode your money supply with these surefire marketing tools


Now you may be thinking, “Sounds great Alan, but how do I attract private lenders in the first place?” When you arrive at the Boot Camp, you’ll receive these proven marketing tools…


  1. Postcard: the same ultra-magnetic postcard I’ve used.

  2. Brochure: the same tri-fold brochure I use to establish credibility.

  3. Sales letters: five sales, each one tailored to a different type of prospect.

  4. Print ads.

  5. Radio commercial scripts: I’ll even put you in touch with the radio announcer.

  6. Tele-seminar script: Use this presentation when inviting prospective lenders to join you on a 30-minute conference call.

  7. Warm market script: when I started out, this is the same phone presentation I used when calling my friends and colleagues.

  8. Prospective lender script: the same phone script I use to excite and reassure prospective lenders who respond to my ads.

  9. Voicemail script: the same curiosity-generating phone script I use when leaving messages on voicemail.


With these golden phone scripts, you’ll be able to answer the toughest lender questions with confidence. You’ll know the right way to “position” yourself, overcome their skepticism, and win their trust.

And we’ll role-play in a safe environment. So even if you’re just getting started, prospective lenders will experience you as an “old pro”.

In your Super Bonus package, you’ll receive all of the above sales letters, phone scripts, and the tele-seminar script on CD-Rom (normally $99).  So if you want to type in your own name and contact info, or just tweak the language so it sounds natural for you, you can make changes without having to re-type everything from scratch.

Once you melt away their skepticism and win their trust, you won’t believe how eager and motivated they are to meet with you. This will explode your confidence!


Make your phone ring off the hook with calls from prospective lenders!


At my Boot Camp, you’ll discover the same magnetic methods my protégés and I use to generate non-stop phone calls from individuals eager to loan money. You’ll be privy to the best and cheapest methods for getting all the private lenders you’ll ever need. For example, you’ll learn how to:


  • Get invited as a guest speaker when local clubs and civic organizations have meetings. This will enhance your credibility and drive even more private lenders to your doorstep.
  • Generate calls from the six groups of people most willing and able to loan you money.
  • Start conversations with a 30-second “commercial” that makes people eager to jump on your bandwagon.
  • Rotate your newspaper ads for maximum response. Discover which section of the daily paper gets the biggest results on each day of the week.
  • Warm up your friends and colleagues. Learn my trust-inspiring approach to answering their questions – so you don’t make the wrong impression and scare them off.


NOTE: Contacting your warm market is just one of the 16 methods I’ll teach you. If you’d rather not approach your friends or relatives, no problem. My other 15 methods will make your phone ring off the hook with eager prospects too. You’ll also discover…


  • Six ways to demonstrate credibility – and win the trust of prospective lenders.
  • How to blow the lid off your postcard campaign through repeat mailings. Find out how many times you should re-mail the same prospect, and how frequently.


When I’m a guest speaker at conferences, I never share the inside information I’m describing now. I merely give an overview.

I reveal these trust-inspiring marketing tools, methods, and secrets ONLY at my 4-day Boot Camp.

“OK Alan. Now my phone is ringing off the hook. What do I do next?”


Duplicate my standing-room-only presentation and instantly pile up loan commitments


When lenders reply to your postcards, etc, invite them to a luncheon presentation. This is my proven method for getting loan commitments.

And on Day 2, I’ll walk you through my luncheon presentation step-by-step. I’ll reveal my ten secrets to a successful luncheon.


"At the first luncheon I hosted, I gave everyone a packet. It was only to practice, so I wasn’t expecting anyone to sign up, but they did! Without your system, I would not have known where to begin."
  — Charlotte Birchfield



You won’t believe how fast your money supply snowballs!

You’ll also learn how to…


  • Document your track record, then use it to attract an endless stream of loans from your friends, colleagues, and lenders.
  • Profit from the #1 best kept secret on how to get private lenders to your luncheon.
  • Assume the right “posture” so you never come across as begging for money – a perception that can really damage you.
  • Create so much demand from lenders that you can slash your interest rate – and still have plenty of lenders lined up to loan you money!  When you have too many private lenders, you can even turn away the ones who want too much influence on your deals.
  • Quickly screen out prospective lenders who’ll be more trouble than they’re worth. Learn the magic words to pre-screen lenders so you’ll be working only with easy going, qualified lenders. This one session can save you a lot of pain.
  • Keep your lenders from learning about competing rehabbers in your market.
  • Handle paperwork correctly when using IRA money – so you never upset your lenders. Screwing this up can wreck your reputation.



Structure quicker and more profitable exit strategies


With private money, you’re never tied down by someone else’s rules. So you have incredible freedom. As a result, there are six different exit strategies you get to choose from. And I’ll break each one down for you at the Boot Camp:


  1. Sell for cash with no time pressure

  2. Buy cheap, then repair and keep as a rental

  3. Renovate and lease option the property

  4. Renovate and sell with owner financing

  5. Sell immediately with owner financing, and let the buyer repair with his funds.

  6. Lease option immediately and let the buyer repair with his own funds


NOTE: if you borrow short-term money at a high rate loan and later decide to lease option or rent that property (rather than selling fast), I’ll show you how to switch out lenders – replacing the original high rate loan with a low rate 30-year loan.

You’ll also profit from this Boot Camp on pooling money from multiple lenders and staying in compliance with the SEC.


Combine money from several lenders with my cookie-cutter approach


What if you want to buy large commercial properties? Or houses that are very expensive?  There may be properties you can’t finance with a single lender.

If you’re limited to one-lender-per-property, you’re stuck with banks. But even a $100,000 salary won’t qualify you for loans on these high priced properties.

Since many of my protégés have run into this problem and since I am not an attorney nor do I provide legal advice, I’ve paid a lawyer thousands in fees to create the proper steps and determine a cookie-cutter approach to pooling money from multiple lenders.


Don’t risk being shut down by the S.E.C.


Before you ever start using private lenders you MUST understand and comply with the Securities & Exchange Commission regulations.

Therefore, at my expense, I’ll bring in an attorney to do training on the requirements that must be followed.  We will also talk about when you should hire your own SEC attorney.

To help ensure that you’re never troubled by the SEC for non-compliance, my attorney, will teach you the easy way to comply with the important SEC regulations.

What’s more, I’ll give you a complimentary copy of my new disclosure form. It comes carefully designed by an attorney.  This disclosure statement is a template you can use to start to create your own final disclosure statement.

Without this priceless information, you could face serious fines and penalties. You could even be shut down. If you cringe at the thought of IRS audits, then believe me, the last thing you want is trouble with the SEC.


Making millions with commercial property – inside secrets the banks don’t want you to know


Imagine having the freedom to buy all the real estate you want – without the limitations of banks or hard-money lenders. When you leave my Boot Camp, you could have that freedom.

Sure, houses are easy to buy, fix, and flip. But they don’t offer the huge monthly cash flow – or enormous profits – of commercial properties. I’m talking about apartment buildings, strip malls, office buildings, and warehouses. 

So how much are these inside secrets and magnetic methods worth to you?

Now that my previous Boot Camps have generated so many overnight sensations – and so much word-of-mouth excitement – I’m sure I could charge $10,000

That’s why my office staff has been pressing me to raise the price to $10,000..

Two other national speakers advertised their Private Lending Boot Camp for $10,000 and who do you think they asked to speak on private lending at their boot camp?  Yep, me.

But this is my event and I’ve got the final word.


Your savings in closing costs alone will exceed your investment very quickly


Depending on how much you borrow from private lenders, your savings in your first closing alone could fast exceed your Boot Camp investment.  And you’ll continue to profit from these savings for years to come. Let me explain

If you borrowed $100,000 from a bank, you would pay $1,500 in closing costs. If I’d borrowed that much using a mortgage broker, I would’ve paid $5,000 in points plus padded fees, points, etc.  Now compare that to my costs with a private lender

On the same $100,000, you only pay for the title search, attorney fees, and recording fees.  A modest $875 – half of what a bank would charge.  And there’s zero out of my pocket.


Receive my “Magnetic Private Money Toolkit” with three super bonuses


Now let me sweeten the pot with my “Magnetic Private Money Toolkit” – an unparalleled bonus package worth $8,886. When you register, you’ll be rushed the first three bonuses immediately, so you can get a head start on your education. You’ll receive the remaining two when you arrive at the Boot Camp.


  1. Private Lending Made Easy- The Premium System.  Armed with nothing but this groundbreaking course, my customers have raised tons of private money. This beefy package includes a 254-page manual, a Quickstart manual, a Credibility Kit CD-Rom that you can emulate, and 11 audio CDs that include “A Great Alternative To The Stock Market” which you hand out to potential private lenders to educate them on private lending.  You won’t believe how well this audio CD motivates your prospects to loan you money. It’s a great substitute for prospective lenders who can’t attend your luncheon.

I’ll even give you a recording of my luncheon presentation on audio CD, so you can practice it at home. (Although it’s so simple, you probably won’t need to.)

  • PowerPoint presentation: This compelling PowerPoint presentation consistently wins the confidence of prospective lenders. It turns “just curious” prospects into true believers eager to loan you money. And if someone can’t attend your luncheon, you can meet one-on-one and show it on your laptop.
  • BUT …

There is NO CD-ROM of forms.  Nope, I paid a programmer to create a website that you have private access too.  Fill in your information on the template, hit the enter button and in less than 10 minutes you are ready to go find private lenders with ALL the forms filled out with your information.  You will come across as super professional. The downloadable forms includes all of the above-mentioned marketing tools – which you can plug in and use immediately.

  • Slide show: Withdramaticbefore and after” photos of houses I’ve rehabbed, this slide show makes a great impression on prospective lenders. 
  • Lender packet: Contains the four documents: the promissory note, recorded mortgage, UCC-1 filing, and certificate of insurance naming the lender as mortgagee. This reassures your prospective lenders further – because it shows that you have their best interests at heart. 
  • Special Report: “Are You Expecting Social Security To Provide Your Retirement?” Reproduce it for pennies, give it to prospective lenders, and let it do the selling for you.

You’ll receive all of the above on CDs, and a license to reproduce everything. Using these same materials, I’ve obtained loan commitments totaling as much as $250,000 at a single luncheon.

(And the initial commitment is just a starting point. After new lenders get to know you a little better, they often loan a lot more.)

A $997 Value.


2) The Wealth Management System.  How to manage Your Private Lenders From A to Z!

With this system, you’ll learn…

    • The Four documents you must provide every lender.
    • The secret to getting a property appraised for its “after-repaired-value” – so you can borrow enough to pay for the property, the renovations, and even receive part of your future profit in advance.
    • How to make your payment structure crystal-clear so you never wind up in a stressful dispute with your lenders.
    • Which papers you must fax to your insurance company and closing agent. Forgetting any one of these papers could delay your closing you’re trying to buy.
    • Crucial steps to getting repeat business and referrals from your lenders.
    • How and when to take your lender’s money and handle the repair funds. Doing this wrong could result in financial complications, a bad breakup with the lender and potential legal issues with the SEC.
    • Learn to streamline the check-writing process – so it doesn’t snowball into a huge time-consuming burden.

This system includes a 140 page manual, 8 CDs, and a CD-ROM with forms to track and manage your private lenders.

A $797 Value.


3)  8 Super Audios on The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). I hired an attorney to research every state in the United States to uncover and the rules by state that we as real estate investors need to know.  Look, just like a sporting event where you not only need to know the fundamentals of the game, you also need to understand the rules of the game.  It’s the same with private lending.  The value of these audios is hard to measure.  For some, it could be worth the value of whole tuition of the event in what they do by giving you insight to the rule book so you can be SAFE.

A $597 Value.


4)  Complimentary admission to my next three Boot Camps. To repeat my Boot Camp, alumnus normally pay $500.  For you, however, I’ll waive that fee for my next three Boot Camps. After that, you’ll need to pay the normal $500 alumni rate. 

A $1,500 Value.


5)  Complimentary admission for a guest. You can bring a guest (family member or significant)  to the Boot Camp, no extra    charge. 

     A $4,997 Value.


Best of all, you’ll receive a non-transferable license to reproduce all of my marketing tools, forms, and legal documents, as well as the CD “A Great Alternative To The Stock Market“ so you can start handing out to family, friends and associates.


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Your Risk-Free Guarantee


If you don’t agree that this Boot Camp is one of the best investment you’ve ever made, I don’t want your hard-earned money. So I’m backing up my offer with this risk-free guarantee:

When you register, you’ll be rushed the first three super bonuses risk-free. I’m talking about Private Lending Made Easy: The Premium System, Wealth Management Systems and the 8 SEC audios. Just days from now, you’ll be privy to my magnetic methods, secrets, and marketing tools.

After reviewing these materials, you must be thrilled with my secrets. You must also be convinced that my scripts, flyers, and other marketing tools are turnkey and ready-to-go – so you won’t waste a single minute turning abstract concepts into real world tools.

If not, you can cancel your seat within 7 days, send back the two home study courses and 8 SEC audios, and receive a 100% refund. No questions, no hassles. And you can make this decision before ever lifting a finger to book your plane ticket or hotel room.


Your best and worst case scenarios


At best, you’ll begin to raise money within the 1st 24 hours of the Boot Camp, like many of my protégés have. You’ll leave Sunday night flying down the fast track to attracting private lenders.

At worst, you’ll get an inside look at my closely guarded secrets – giving you an unfair advantage over your local competition.

And you’ll know how and where to get any kind of financing for any kind of real estate deal of any size.

If you don’t have a track record yet, use my PowerPoint presentation and other materials, and gain instant credibility.

Why continue having your hands tied by banks, or your arms twisted by hard-money lenders when you can borrow the money you want from private lenders – and do it on your terms?

Why waste your time and money on “trial and error” – when you can discover the same methods my protégés have used to borrow money on their own terms?


If you drag your feet, you’ll lose your seat at the “Where To Get The Money” Boot Camp and remain handcuffed by your current lenders.


Please don’t let that happen. Let us rush you the first three Super Bonuses worth $2,391 right now…with zero risk or obligation.

Join my protégés and take a quantum leap forward. Click here to reserve a seat now – before they’re all gone. Or call my office at 937-390-0816. I sincerely look forward to seeing you at the Boot Camp.




E. Alan Cowgill


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P.S. On day 4 I do a "Hot Seat" that ties the whole boot camp together. Don’t miss this powerful educational climax!


June 22 – 25, 2017
Tysons Corner, VA
November 9 – 12, 2017
Dallas, TX


Click To See The Where To Get The Money Boot Camp Agenda

• Alan Cowgill and his thoroughly passionately highly knowledgeable and field practiced/training experienced team: Kevin Derr, Donna Pena, and SEC attorney Ralph Sherman present a top flight very well thought through 4-day private money lending training to the attending real estate student-investors of all training and experience levels along with affiliated instructors Marko Rubel, Attorney Lee Phillips, Attorney Bob Diamond, and Andy Heller who care equally as highly about their student-practitioners. I know this for a fact because I have nearly all of these affiliate instructors’ training materials and attended their boot camps. Their affiliation with Alan confirms that I also selected the right REI schools for my REI education and practice.

• Alan Cowgill personally makes sure that our student questions are fairly and completely responded such that other students can clearly hear the questions, the student’s name and in context of the student’s geographical location. Alan also accepts student questions submitted by email prior to class for discussion in class integrated in with the course material.

• Alan Cowgill and his private money instructors follows and elaborates on his class work book hard copy PowerPoint slides such that we students have a basis for our notes. This way, we students carry out of the training a set of class notes integrated with Alan’s slides, instead of our taking notes without any relationship to the slides. This is extremely valuable for the coherency and integrity of the class.

• Alan Cowgill with his SEC Attorney instructor Ralph Sherman makes sure that we students are thoroughly cognizant of the applicable state and federal SEC rules and regulations across all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and their identification in the SEC code via a clear 3 part road map that they had us students experientially carry out of how to navigate the code in order for us real estate investors to conduct our education, acquisition, and maintenance of our private money lenders in a professionally prepared manner, whether within a state, or across state lines, and in consideration of the various states’ implementation of their SEC rules.

• Alan Cowgill is extremely proficient, along with his instructional staff, at mind-reading us students to maximize our attention span, judiciously using breaks, and especially accentuating important material throughout the four days of training.

• Donna Pena takes the very much welcomed imaginative initiative to think outside of the box on those all important "little things" to create and maintain a highly supportive learning environment and atmosphere, for example, a well arranged and organized back table at all times changing it to be congruent with Alan and the other instructors, a continual warm and professional caring demeanor highly impeccable and personable, and always on top of our student needs both individually and aggregately. All that Donna has promised me I can take it to the bank and it always cashes. Not very many REI entrepreneurial schools have such a top flight administrative/logistical/back office business training process, but Alan Cowgill has this, particularly through Donna Pena and her staff in all aspects of the training at all times including that of the home study courses. This is an impressive display of a fingertip administrative and logistical management system very responsive to student needs in a timely fashion.

• Alan Cowgill’s educational material is comprehensive, well written, organized and presented, cognizant about the audience perspectives whether that of the real estate investor, the private money lender, the governmental regulatory authorities, the hosting restaurants or hotels, the staff supporting the private money lender functions like the luncheon, dinner, or educational seminar, and priced within the realm of an E-Quadrant salary income.

• Alan Cowgill is gifted in course and class administration and teaching to all levels of student training and experience in such a manner as real estate investors completely new to the profession can understand, along with the highly trained and highly experienced real estate investors also receiving a tremendous amount of new knowledge and insight. (I observed this in class; ain’t hardly any of us nodding off, and those who did didn’t stay that way for long.)

• Alan Cowgill’s training presentations across the four days are inherently self-consistent and congruent with the home study materials especially with the Private Lending Gold, Premium System, and Wealth Management, but also with the Real Estate Management System and others of Alan’s products.

• Alan Cowgill’s live affiliate instructor selection had confirmed my previous selection of their educational services as my own teacher-practitioners whose real estate investing business processes mirror the impeccability of Alan’s own business systems. I was very pleasantly surprised when these instructors had come in to present their materials.

• I appreciated Coach Kevin Derr’s professional kindness in having for us students a special first evening Q/A period after the first day of class and for his thorough responses to our questions. Coach Kevin also responded to our questions and had established a professional relationship with many of us students throughout the four days of training.

• It was extremely gracious of Instructor SEC Attorney Ralph Sherman and Mrs. Sherman to conduct a Saturday after class Q/A session…

• Alan Cowgill and his instructional team have a really superlative and unique sense of humor, very congruent with the material being presented.

• Alan Cowgill had very imaginatively, creatively and effectively used his bonus gift raffles in class in a masterful way to keep our attention at peak efficiency and to assure that we all were at our seats for the next session. The envelopes spelling out "Private Money" push pinned to the corkboard was very impressive and held our attention. Those who won each of the 12 raffles afforded Alan the opportunity to describe the advantages of us students having these REI and PML resources with the implicit acknowledgment that the raffle winner now has those advantages. And if any winner already has the resource, Alan and Donna Pena very graciously permitted the student winner to have other resources that totaled in value to the raffled resource (how do I know this?).

• Alan Cowgill keeps continually improving his class training and training business process even during the training, for example, Alan very kindly had recorded SEC instructor Attorney Ralph Sherman’s teaching and made these available across the current and last several bootcamps to make sure that we REI practitioners have the most optimum SEC support from Attorney Ralph. and Alan had even thought about doing this for us students at 1am of the Saturday morning that Attorney Ralph was to instruct us and also to release these to us students at cost via internet download.

• This four day bootcamp with its associated three home study courses constitutes a crucial training along with my association with Alan Cowgill and his team towards my success as a real estate investor and entrepreneur with my prospective private money lenders beginning with my family, friends and associates with my trained professional conduct with them in a legal manner, ethically, morally, and win-win across the board. This mindset underlies all of Alan’s training with his instructional team by their own personal example whether from his home study courses but especially during the four days of live training, including that of his affiliate instructors.

Here are the testimonials after I came back from the four day training:

• I echo my training partner’s observation that we’re now spoiled by the best! (ps, if Gino Aragon already mentioned this, then I defer this testimonial to his, since this is his verbally expressed observation to me. But since this is Gino’s statement, I really should not have it attributed to me either.)

• I appreciate the thoroughness of how Alan Cowgill and his Colby team had set up, hosted, conducted, and taken down a very much involved training all in an impressive seemingly lean six sigma manner, waste minimized logistical process as befitting what Alan was teaching us real estate investor students to do–all that Alan and his team does is entirely congruent with his own professional real estate and training practice. As Alan noted to me, this is not a trivial undertaking, and it underscores, Alan and his instructional team’s dedication to the success of his students.

• Alan Cowgill has smoothly integrated the four-day live training with his Premium, Wealth Management and Private Lender Gold home study systems. This is essentially all one course with no incongruence between them. I appreciated the demonstration by Alan and Coach Kevin using the Excel spread sheets in class. (I can’t wait until I can physically attend the Financial Freedom Boot Camp after having practiced the Real Estate Management system with the ZZZ Software for actual real estate investing transactions as I ramp my business up.)

• The role playing of real estate investor and private money lender was very realistic and extremely valuable as our emotions cannot distinguish between the reality of an actual interchange and a role play. In fact, this is how my real estate investor colleagues had actually interacted with me in my position as a PML and how I had responded several months in advance of the four-day training. The role-playing had increased my knowledge of how I as either an REI solutions provider and as a PML should interact with the other.

• I appreciated Alan Cowgill’s starting each day of the training with his handwritten notes in hand and recapping what he and his instructional team covered the day before, and the morning or afternoon before. This connects each day with each other in a seamless fashion.

• Alan Cowgill is extremely gracious to allow his students to repeat his bootcamps indefinitely permitting us students to acquire the latest knowledge from Alan’s and his instructional team.

I appreciated the training environment fostered by Alan Cowgill as to provide the freedom for his affiliate instructor’s creativity if they so desired. In particular, American IRA CEO instructor Jim Hitt had thought to use our lunch hours during the last three days of training to be a working lunch Q/A session. I found this to be very valuable.

  –Greg Tong

Graduation 2009


Hello Alan. I attended one of your events a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve done pretty well for myself. Much of that success is linked directly to my use of your private lending techniques. I’d still have a J.O.B. without that information in my head.


  Nathan Hunnicutt


I liked the humor Alan incorporated all day. Elvis’ Act… Alan, you’re full of surprises! Great idea to boost up everyone’s energy in late afternoon.

  Susan Azar


*The missing link in my Real Estate investing career was the private money. I made the phone calls.
*New idea – showing tenant buyers how to use private money to cash me out.
*BIG SURPRISE with the dramatic entrance of “Elvis” At first I thought it was Jake.
*With so much information that Alan has shared, I don’t have to think or image re-inventing the wheel.
*Homework assignments were fun to do.

  S. Smith


Alan Cowgill is the best, most complete private funding course. I have 30 years of successful real estate & RE Finance and all of the applications can be used in today’s market place (where little or no public funds are available for private RE investors). I look forward to putting many of his ideas and action plans to work on Monday when I return from the boot camp and I have every trust that I will see results right away. Alan, & Staff, thank you!!

  Bradley Glaves


There was lots of information and the large double screens were helpful to see all material. SEC Attorney was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed the guest speakers who also had helpful information.

Good reinforcement of materials in the course. Alan explained the information well. Great Q&A sessions. Staff at the back table was very friendly and helpful. Proper temp wasn’t hot or freezing – nice! Good for learning without distractions. Alan has figured out how to do it right!

  Jon Harriott


The session on SEC on pooling of money conducted by “Ralph” was in depth and an enormous source of information. Thanks!

  Jenny A. Le


First and foremost, Alan Cowgill is the “real deal”. His company, Integrity Home Buyers, is well named. I have found some national speakers in the real estate investing world to be unethical, but not Alan.

Regarding the boot camp, it goes through the complete process of raising money from private investors – from soup to nuts! I have used private lending in my real estate business prior to meeting Alan Cowgill, but I still learned a lot. I like that the course is very process-oriented, & that it spells everything out step-by-step. I especially appreciate the information on the SEC compliance & the access to Ralph.

I highly recommend Alan Cowgill and his boot camp and other products to all the other investors in my network. I don’t do this for all national speakers. I have also found his staff to be top-notch!

  Kelli Brown


A well done course for a specific business model. I believe Alan is not kidding when says he could “Franchise” this program. You can build this business literally page by page. Thanks Alan & Crew.

  Kevin Wittenauer


First of all, the written notebook and the audio disks were complete and thorough. So, the preparation for the boot camp was very well laid out and straightforward. When I got to the boot camp, the sessions were interesting and well organized. There was role playing that was really helpful in figuring out how to approach private lenders. The notebook handed out was filled with good solid information. And, Alan offered products that you could look over and evaluate prior to buying them. The speakers were interesting and there were some few surprises. Alan even gives away free stuff at the sessions. It was useful, fully content, good training.

  Angelynn Hall


Excellent presentation, Good information, very entertaining. Excellent materials. I would recommend this boot camp.

  Larry Morris


If I had known about Alan before I wasted thousands on boot camps, I’d be a wealthy woman today. Kudos for putting it all together so comprehensively. The room temperature was comfortable, not like the meat locker temperature most meeting rooms are.

  Catherine Coy


I have been to RE Training for the last 9 months with various programs. My experience so far is that Alan’s program is the most organized and informative program that I have attended. I recognize the work that went into setting up the structure of the training and appreciate the depth of information Alan is giving to us. The detail in the instruction manual is great, with minimal note taking required. I feel that Alan and his program is the most honest & straightforward organization I have dealt with in my pursuit of success in real estate. My thanks to Alan for providing critical information on finding money to buy properties and on how to do things legally (such as advertising). This program has provided me with one of the key elements to my business that has been missing. Thank you!

  Roy C. Moore


Alan, by far, is the premier authority on finding and utilizing private money. Technique after technique he shows you and provides you with the tools to become an extremely wealthy Real Estate investor. I can’t wait to get home and put the many things that I learned to good use! Private Money/Lending is the key to our business success today, once you find the money, the rest is easy. “Alan Rocks”. Thanks!

  Charles A. Petty (Chuck)


A great step by step private lending boot camp, made easy presented by the leading Alan Cowgill. Mr. Alan Cowgill presents the material clear and concise. A must to attend this FANTASTIC boot camp if you run out of ways to finance your projects.

  Pattie Anne Horoshak


I have attended many (many, many, many…) seminars that have provided a ton of excitement and fluff, I am extremely pleased to say that Alan’s seminar is packed with practical content and illustrates the functionality and ease of his private lender system. Covering everything from contacting strangers to filing tax forms; I feel confident to return home and execute his system, as is. The best part I feel is the simplicity to tweak the system to customize making it your own – to have it suit your own personality. Outside of having a wealthy family or established credit lines, this is the fastest reliable way to having access to capital to fund your deals. I can easily see having access to more money than enough deals to use it all. This program will be an important piece to my success. Thank you for providing me with a space shuttle booster rocket to accelerate my real estate investing career.

  Carlos D. Rivera


I have attended many seminars; all of which said that they have the key to make me a millionaire, but when we arrived to the seminar I found out you would have to pay another 5 to 25 K more for additional training/ to go to the next level; and wouldn’t tell you how to get started but Alan’s system gets down to the needy-greedy of real estate and explains where to start, how to find the money, and the steps to take and the confidence to get the ball rolling. I am pleased and extremely satisfied with Alan’s 4-day boot camp, for it had a lot of information that most other programs would charge for. I believe that Alan’s 4-day boot camp is well worth the money I paid for and will truly pay for itself several times over. Thank you for the courage and knowledge to get things rolling.

  Vicente Melero


Alan’s boot camp is filled with tons of important information for the entire system of private lending. For the real estate investor out there looking to raise money without the need for banks, you need Alan’s program. Alan’s program will save you time and error and covers everything in one great informative week intensive.

  Aaron Canter


I have been in the real estate profession for 29 years, as an agent and broker… Now, I truly understand the missing link… Finding the money! I am very thankful for this training and I am looking forward to utilizing this valuable information.

  Kenneth L. Randolph


I come here to learn how to approach private lenders and the best way to ask these people to invest in my program of investing. It was covered in depth and I’ll leave here ready to put what I’ve learned into practice.

  Ronald W. Conley


Got to understand more in depth in person the method rather from just reading. Got other more information from your various speakers i.e. commercial Thanks!

  Darren Marle


Now I see why Private Money should be first! It is the substance that makes all the techniques for creative real estate work. It is the touchstone from day dreams to reality.

  Suzay Grenis


Alan talks from experience – he has done it and he has been there. He has collected experience and moreover he has learned from his experiences and has dug deeper to learn the details. He has developed the private lending practice and has borrowed much. He puts the high importance that money warrants. (When money comes into the room, friendship goes out of window). His experience in the corporate world has been transferred and translated to the real estate world and he has organized the office as a business. His business plan involves strategies very popular and they are very much applicable to any place because 1st time home buyers are everywhere. The info transferred to us is very practical and simply and clearly presented. He also practices hard money lending and being an investor he understands what occurs and what involves and knows the possible pitfalls and I am sure will take the time to warn us the beginners.

  E. Alahaydrian


As an accountant/financial planner for over 25 years, with extensive knowledge of tax regulations, securities (investment) issues, and business structuring, I have found both Alan’s approach and material to be professional, appropriate, fact-based and ethical. The fact that he has taken the right steps to keep his students sane and on the right side of the law tells me a lot about his integrity, credibility, and character. All my professional degrees and licenses are based on proper disclosure and compliance with laws and regulations. Alan’s emphasis on such compliance to his students should be recognized in that he wants his students to do the “right” thing, not just the popular thing.

  Darrell V. Marshall


Everything is clearly written and summarized. Not too many outside speakers. 1-on-1 counseling. Friendly and helpful staff. Everyone has a table and seat. Lots of Q&A time. Very nice location and reasonable hotel rates. Bringing in an attorney for SEC section. Detailed home study course available. Slides clear from most seats. Alan is a great teacher… Very likeable and genuinely concerned about getting the info across to students. Honest and genuine SEC research.

  Paul Young


Alan’s Get the Money boot camp was what I needed to go to the next level of my investing. I learned a lot of great ways and ideas to find private money, and do it right. On the third day, Alan brought in his attorney Ralph to help with the legal issues with private money and how to stay out of trouble! This was a great investment for me.

  Darin Muchmore


Order. Alan’s well drilled staff works in a highly orderly process. This sense of order is in the air. The honest hand on lead from the front leadership of Alan and his staff make the boot camp a home run!!!

  Stewart James


Thanks, Alan, for your outstanding boot camp “Where to Get the Money!” You gave us confidence and tools. We made our list of 34 people and we will work on them as soon as we get back to California. The information on self-directed IRAs alone will, I’m sure, result in … new private lenders for us. The SEC attorney was wonderful – He stayed until 9 o’ clock at night answering a ton of questions. As we are about to leave the boot camp, we are enthusiastic and ready to go out to our friends and relatives. We know we will be successful. Thanks again Alan to your whole team.

  Tony & Jill Greenberg


Alan Cowgill’s boot camp was extremely informative with significant detail at the level to allow useful development of your business, immediately. I am glad I came.

  Wilbert Allen


Alan Cowgill’s class was very informative for me. This boot camp filled in a lot of blanks that I had. He laid everything out in a way that is easy to follow. I plan on applying all of this information to my business and will change a lot of the ways I do things to grow my company and my mind.

  Kenyan Allen


The amount of information was incredible and not fluff. Alan is interested in our education and value oriented. Thank You Alan!

  Victoria Thompson


Alan provides a great step by step easy to understand program on finding private money. It could not be made easier. Everyone whose business is being held back because of the lack of money should take his course.

  Glenn Baumann


I am a re-attend and yet I still got so much information that I presume I forgot you are so thorough and caring. I love the fact that you do not have one after the other of “outside presenters”. I have been to so many seminars, heard them each many times, and get bored. You are such a wonderful human being and want to help all instead of just being out there for the money. Ralph Sherman is fantastic. I have used him and have been very pleased. Thank you for everything.

  Anne Ullman


Mr. Alan Cowgill makes “Finding the Money” sound very simple. The scripts he has for you to use really work!!! He gives you the confidence to succeed. Excellent instructor. Greatly appreciate all the content.

  Sheri Petersilie


Alan hasn’t over inflated what he has to offer. He is straight forward in his teaching methods and gives his students every opportunity to ask questions on the material he presents in class. In addition he encourages role play in order for his students to practice what they have learned. He observes that roles play process, questions his students on their experiences, and makes comments on what works and what doesn’t. He is truly a great mentor!

  Ann Canter


I bought Alan’s program in April 09. Since buying, I have implemented several of Alan’s strategies … Thanks Alan for helping me catapult my business. This time next year I want to be in a place where I have more money then I know what to do with. Thanks Alan!

  Carol Holthaus


A great course, covering things no one else is talking about on the “Gore Circuit”. I highly recommend this for anyone who’s serious about real estate investing.

  Will Wyatt


I have been investing in real estate for nearly a decade before finding Alan. I started with a famous “No Money Down” program and soon became frustrated by the difficulty of getting money for good deals that wouldn’t work without money in hand. If I had been able to have Alan’s information back then, my business would have taken off long ago. I am looking forward to having enough money to get the really great deals. I am confident that applying this knowledge will grow my business ten-fold. Alan is genuine and articulate. His course is focused and filled with the detailed information needed to be completely successful – no batteries required. In today’s opportunity rich market, Alan’s Private Lending course is a must – do.

  Thomas K. Sheppard, President

ADB Properties of the Carolinas, INC.


I love the Boot Camp! Alan is great! Ralph is great! I was especially impressed with Alan’s talent in creating SYSTEMS! LEARNED A LOT! Of all the speakers who put on boot camps that I went to , Alan is the most generous, and the most caring one! And the most thoughtful!

  Joanna Fu


This is my seventh boot camp and is by and far the best camp I have participated in. All the information was professional and applicable to my business needs. I started planning for a luncheon before I came. With the assistance of Ralph through Alan’s office, we have our registration filed. I am leaving the boot camp with the details I need to have a successful money raising luncheon. My partner and I are going to Alan’s boot camp on how he runs his office next month. We will be ready to handle the money and take our business to a whole new level. I look forward to sharing our success story in the next few months. Many thanks to Alan!

  Dan Riddle


This boot camp was excellent. Not only did Alan provide tremendous insight into how to approach and follow through with “getting the money”‘ he also came through with tremendous support from an SEC lawyer. That alone made the trip to this boot camp most worth while. And, if that wasn’t enough, Alan provided a detailed overview of how to detail (his checklists) are rather priceless. He’s the real deal!

  Robbin Owen


I could not wait to come to this boot camp because of our purchase of the Home Study program. I was not disappointed! The boot camp has been filled with “great!” information, methodical and detailed. I particularly like the fact that Alan teaches from his slides and the slides are in our manual. Extremely useful information with great detail, I appreciate all the work Alan has put into his program. Having Ralph Sherman (SEC attorney) here for Q and A was extremely beneficial. He answered many questions we had and the answers will definitely help us in our business. We will have an SEC attorney on our team. This program is essential to our business, I could go on and on about the value I have received from this boot camp and Alan’s programs. Thank you for helping us with our business. This is powerful information!!

  Karen Smith


If you are thinking of attending Alan’s boot camp “Where to Get the Money”, stop thinking – do it! Alan has a wealth of information that he will share with you. Not only does he show you how and where to find private lenders he also teaches you how to be “safe”. Alan cares about his students and he will teach you how to stay legal by supplying you with information on the SEC laws. All in all if you are a serious real estate investor you need Alan’s programs and boot camp. It was “awesome”! If you implement his systems and techniques you will be successful! Oh and by the way it was fun!

  Steve Smith


Information Information Valuable Information! I totally received the knowledge and practice I needed to move forward with my private lending program. The very 1st day took me out of my comfort zone and dealt with my biggest FEAR… approaching family and friends for money! I jumped on the 500lb phone right after the 1st session and placed 20 calls that night. I was so surprised that none of my contacts laughed or said anything negative. Love the manual and all the space to take personal notes. Loved the Q&A at the end of each chapter that helped give more knowledge! The four days was jammed packed with knowledge, I know I will want to re-attend to hone up what I learned. Thank you for the extras and for lunch everyday!

  Stephanie Morris


I have for the past 10 years purchased and rehabbed properties. I have probably rehabbed more than 700 properties during this time. I still own more than 300 section 8 properties as my rehab funds have gone away. In the past, as I completed a rehab and rented it, I would pay the rehab loan off with a permanent loan with Wash. Mutual, ETC. Since perm loans are not a possibility, my credit lines are full; I have converted them to perms without Local lenders. My rehab profit has always been substantial and now that income is gone I have been looking for something to replace that loss of income. Thank goodness I was in Donna Bauer’s seminar in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago when Kevin was there talking about what you do. I believe this was a godsend and exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you

  Charles Alexander


This was a great boot camp. Alan’s style fits great with the information he delivers, a slow smooth stream of information. A tremendous amount of knowledge as well as self confidence building. He shows you it can be done right at the camp. We now have the knowledge and tools we just need to implement.

  Richard Kotlas


This was an incredible experience. I learned so much from Alan and Ralph. It was great to interact with the other students who are doing a variety of interesting things. I especially liked the question-and-answer sessions. The questions were ones I never would have considered. They expanded my knowledge base.

  Helen Mendes Love


I thoroughly engorged the weekend. The main reason I came was to remain SEC compliant. I learned everything I expected and more. I enjoyed getting to know Ralph Sherman. He has already helped me immensely. I also enjoyed Alan’s office set up talk. I will definitely be in Ohio later this year. My wife and I have grown large enough that we will be looking for 2 people this year. I will be so beneficial to have the office procedures/education set up before that occurs.

  E. Samlowski


Fabulous boot camp! Informative, well organized and truly constructive. Perhaps one of the best boot camps in my experience to date! A positive learning experience without being an oppressive mercenary ordeal. Thank you for proving how this learning experience can be so positive. Oh and thank you for raising the mark to more of an adult environment (while the cell phone gimmick is serious your approach is so much more refreshing).

  Cliff Ulrich


I received a wealth of information in finding private lenders. Alan provides homework that helps you “step out of the box” and learn first hand how easy it is to ask for lending. The information from Ralph, the SEC attorney, was invaluable and put me totally at ease in my understanding of SEC rules. The staff was extremely helpful and jovial. Thank you Alan for the daily lunch you provided. It saved us from walking the streets trying to locate lunch arrangements. The food was excellent. I’m excited about everything I’ve learned that when I return home I can actually get started. Thanks for all your hard work to put this boot camp together.

  Donna Winser


I liked the way information was given about the RE business, especially how to get the funding required for buying properties, knowing the rules about SEC regulations regarding what is allowed and not allowed. Also the different aspects of real estate and the programs provided to achieve my success. All the speakers were awesome regarding their particular area of expertise.

  Evoyne Harris


This was one of the most informative boot camps I have ever attended. It was jam packed with useful information. The presentations are useful and practical and we were able to develop new and profitable relationships. I had very high expectations and am pleased that they all have been met or exceeded. I will be recommending this boot camp to other investors that I know. Thanks I will be back.

  Ed Akehurst


Alan’s where to get the money boot camp helped take away all of my fears and apprehension I had about private lending. Alan provided a wealth of information about how to fund deals with step by step explanation. Also having SEC attorney Ralph Sherman was a special treat. Being able to ask questions to the actual, live SEC attorney was an invaluable experience. Third, I like to thank Alan’s generosity for providing delicious lunches and refreshments. Thank you again for giving us your knowledge and generosity.

  Nancy Piontek


Alan packs a huge amount of material into 4 days. He not only shows how to find private lenders, he also shows how to integrate private lender funding with the rest of your real estate business. And the section on SEC rules was extremely helpful – showing how important this process is and though seemingly complicated at first. It is really fairly simple and straight forward if you have the right advice and instruction, like you get in Alan’s boot camp.

  Al Mayo


Great seminar one of the best seminars I’ve ever gone to. This is what I needed to move my investing to the next level.

  Mona Richards


I love his “step-by-step-by-step” instruction to guide me through the success that Alan has had in his career. What Alan teaches you is the recipe to a real estate business. He’s one of the most generous, honest and courageous speakers out there with the integrity to find the strength in yourself to overcome fear. Alan’s boot camp takes the fear you bring in the beginning, and at the end he uses that fuel to catapult you to success. Alan will help you!

  Alan Ladan


It took us systematically through the process. It gave us a “heads up” on places where we could stumble and how to handle those things. It also required some action through the exercises. The segment on SEC compliance was something I was not even aware of before hearing Alan speak at another event and is the reason I was eager to sign up in addition to the mechanics of obtaining “private money”. The information at the boot camp and in the Home Study was excellent. I was not disappointed. This compliance segment was especially important to us because we were a “private investor” for a guy who apparently didn’t follow the “rules”. Someone reported him (even though we believe he did it from ignorance, not fraud) He is presently sitting in jail and upon his release; the state is planning to go after him. The outcome for us is our money is not being paid back and might not ever be paid back. I would have paid for him to attend this boot camp.

  Judi Gutzmer


Having your SEC attorney, Ralph Sherman, here at the boot camp is huge. He is knowledgeable and so willing to help me do things right in order to get the private funding I need to take my business to the next level. Thank you.

  Glen Sayler


Practical, real, logical training… step by step and… very complete. If you follow the directions as taught and shown in the training manual, it is a “fail safe” system. You can’t fail… you can’t get in legal trouble… If you follow the clear directions!

  Wallace Gutzmer


Boot camp was very well organized and presented. Alan’s program is great with lots of value packed info. The amount of time set aside for questions was extremely beneficial for everyone in the class. The ability to hear from Ralph Sherman and ask questions of Ralph concerning the SEC was invaluable. Great course – well presented – invaluable information. Thanks Alan!

  Kevin Feldman


I found this boot camp to be full of great information to keep me with my business. There is a wealth of information provided in the home study system, but the boot camp provided clarity for steps to take first to gain private lenders into my business. I really liked the format of discussion by chapter and then allowing questions after each chapter so as to keep information “flowing” and not get bogged down in answering questions. The questions posed by the students were answered clearly and provided a great benefit to all students. This camp has given me the confidence to go forward in presenting private lending opportunities to others to create win-win solutions for all!

  Linda Feldman


It has been very important for me to have the follow-up info after you get your lender’s and private money flowing. Next steps are critical thanks.

  Lea Bell


You can’t find a better value for your dollar than Alan’s Boot Camp. I have been to several and this stands head and shoulders above the rest. It was 40 hours of intense, useful and practical information. By the end of each day, I felt that my head was on overload, and I needed the night to sort and categorize all the information. He gets my highest endorsement and my commitment to imitate his system.

  Mickey Guarduci


This was one of the best boot camps I’ve attended. Alan’s presentation of information was very clear and easy to understand. He shared with us a wealth of information that will keep his students from making some serious errors. I know so much more now and feel confident that I can correctly seek private money. I highly recommend “Where to Get the Money” Boot Camp to anyone who wants to use other people’s money to finance their real estate business. The rules needed to be followed are explained clearly. Don’t put yourself in danger of being closed down by the SEC for not knowing how to correctly seek private money. Thank you Alan!

  Ruth Sprout


Alan Cowgill’s “Where to Get the Money Boot Camp” provided me with a vast wealth of knowledge. When I arrived, I had no clue what the process of borrowing private money was all about! I was making mistakes left and right when it came to my advertising, and could have landed myself in a lot of trouble. After spending four days with Alan (and eating a lot of awesome food) I now feel safe, secure, and fully ready to begin collecting the massive amounts of private money that is out there. I know that if I implement the tools that Alan provided me, success will be all mine! I fully recommend Alan’s boot camp to anyone who wishes to take their business to the next level.

  Megan Sprout


This is not my first boot camp, but I will say Alan Cowgill and staff are a class act. The materials and their content are very directed and precise. I would recommend his program to anyone that is interested in multiple income streams available. Once you have control by having money really in hand.

  Steven Schmalzried


Alan’s class removed the fear of having to ask “others” to fund “our” business. Now we understand the “SW” formula. Sure we benefit from using their money but so do they. Napoleon Hill said that specific knowledge is key to controlling our subconscious mind and the flow of this debilitating fear. The knowledge we gained has already removed the self imposed obstacles we had erected along our path to successful investing.

  John and Joy Tucker 


This is my 3rd boot camp and it was refreshing to review the basic principals. The best part of the boot camp was the up to date information about the regulations and proper way to comply with the rules about Private Lenders in other states and the correct ways to pool money for large projects.

  Robert McDowell


Alan gives step by step directions to teach how to attract private lenders and what to do when they commit to your opportunity. In addition, he connects us to a superior SEC attorney who fully shares with us all we need to know about registering with the SEC. A great learning event overall.

  Lorna Souther


Alan was very organized in the presentation of the boot camp. Solidified in my mind the basic fundamentals of how to get the $ and on how to put it to work. Took out much of the “fear” factor. Gained more confidence in how to approach people in a professional manner. Now, the deals that I thought were unattainable, I can go out and do them. There should be a “rule” that new investors should be required to take this course 1st and then find the method to do the deals. I could have been at least 2 years ahead of my game if I had found you first. Thank you for the resources you have given to your students.

  Donna Patton 


I liked the section with Ralph Sherman & guidelines for SEC compliance. Investing for IRA He tells us about all the info loaded into the system we already have He teaches how to “care” for our lenders & look out for their interests There’s so much solid material!

  Michael Lifton


I Like: Alan’s common sense approach to Real Estate Investing. The tools he offers to help investors/students be successful. The boot camp notebook to help guide students in note-taking. The questions which are allowed at the end of each chapter. The step-by-step approach to private lending, as presented in the boot camp and the binder. Bringing in Ralph Sherman to answer questions. Information on marketing ourselves.

  Jeffery Jones


Alan, your boot camp was tremendous. Your strategies have opened my eyes. Anyone who attends will walk away with the power and knowledge to raise as much money as they need. Many thanks.

  M Hauer


Good, basic starter class. SEC discussion and materials very helpful.

  George Kimbler


The knowledge that Alan Cowgill has, and teaches everything to us the right and the wrong way of doing things. He is also very humble no fluff, great speakers etc… Staff was great. Thank you for such an awesome boot camp.

  Mary J. Wolfe


What I like about Alan Cowgill’s “Where to Get the Money” boot camp is the philosophy of the man himself. His material is relevant and practical. I believe he is very sincere in his promise that he wants the very best for us. He truly wants to see us succeed without stumbling on any pitfalls. The legal experience alone is worth the price of admission. I’ve only been in real estate investing a few months and I feel well prepared to “hit the floor running”.

  Joan Millane


The step by step instructions plus the SEC training gave me a confident feeling to pursue my goal without worry. Alan covers every detail so the student only needs to follows the list. I would recommend Alan Cowgill to anyone I know, great systems!!

  Joy Smith


Great bootcamp – Very well done. I liked the way the manual matched up with the slides. Alan is anal and I love it. Thank you Alan for the free luncheon.

  Rod Sanders


The wealth of knowledge that Alan’s SEC lawyer, Ralph Sherman, shared with us is incredible. His suggestions for anyone’s business or project are well thought through and provide multiple options. And his memory for details in the various states is terrific.

  Carol Werner


I am very excited to get home and start using the tools I have learned at the “Where to Get the Money Boot Camp”. Alan’s step-by-step instruction closely follows the manual and makes implementation of some very complex material easier. I know I will have many questions as I proceed, but I’m confident I will be able to handle anything that comes up by referring to the manual or contacting Alan’s office! Thanks for helping me and other investors.

  Bob King


Fantastic! Alan’s common sense, “no-frills” approach was very refreshing. The information presented was concise, easy to understand and has given me the confidence to approach private individuals to fund my real estate ventures. Thanks Alan for a great time!

  Dennis James


Two things stand out to me about Alan’s Private Lending boot camp. First, the level of details given to help us stay out of trouble. I know most people that have not had this training are not aware of the proper steps to take. Second, the little extras that Alan throws in for us attendees is awesome. Alan takes good care of his students. Many national speakers don’t understand this important step and consequently loose out in the long run.

  Sylvia Ramsey


This was my wife and I’s first real estate boot camp. We were pretty pleased with the camp. There was a lot of information given. We liked that we were pushed to get out of our comfort zone. We liked that we were able to mingle and talk to some very positive people. Thank you for the free lunch.

  Lester Beaird


Alan’s information is outstanding! His boot camp is packed with the basics, the main course and all the little details you need to raise private money. To put the icing on the cake Alan brings in his own SEC attorney to answer any legal questions about private money you could imagine! Alan is without question the King of Private Money!

  Keith MacClugage


This boot camp has been very informative, rich with useable information, given at an understandable pace. This boot camp along with the premium system and wealth management system are a must for any Real Estate Investor. You will receive the information and the forms to take immediate action. Although you know about seller financing, partnering, subject to’s etc having private lenders in your tool box gives you more control. The day with the SEC attorney also cleared up a lot of the information on state and federal regulations.

  Andrea Allen


There was a lot of good hands on information. This is the one seminar that I have attended where the majority of the attendees are already successfully buying and selling properties. I enjoyed networking and learning from the other attendees! Well done… I will be back!

  Joe McIntyre


Excellent program, very thorough, covered all of my questions. Explains the process of raising private money in a logical and precise manner.

  Timothy Kozak


I really enjoyed this boot camp. Alan is a great teacher and his attention to detail– especially with all his check sheets- gives us a detailed- easy to duplicate system. I especially enjoyed meeting other attendees and was delighted to find so many people that are already successful in the business.

  Becky McIntyre


I thoroughly enjoyed the boot camp. I am looking forward to getting started with finding private money.

What did I “not like” about Alan’s Boot Camp? Nothing, I’ve been to several Boot Camps since becoming an REI, but Alan’s is by far the most beneficial. It is extremely informative, in depth and needed by REI’s at any level. Alan is a meticulous presenter and wants all his students to succeed. Although I was not able to participate in the 1st day homework because of external reasons, I have been given the tools to utilize when that time comes. Alan makes himself available before, during and after his boot camp. Thanks Alan
  Atlas and Eddie Davis


I thoroughly enjoyed the boot camp. I am looking forward to getting started with finding private money.

I liked the whole concept, I knew there was another way, but I didn’t know how to get the money, how to structure the deals, etc.

I feel more confident. I feel I have the knowledge to structure the deals and talk and communicate to potential lenders

Alan, can I hire you to do a luncheon for me?

  Cindy Kipling


I thought Alan conducted an excellent boot camp on Private Lending. He provided all the information necessary to get and manage private lenders. He managed the boot camp time very well, provided great logistics, food and prizes, and a good atmosphere and environment. I would strongly recommend this boot camp to anyone interested in learning about this great source of money for your real estate business.
  Herb Woodward


I was impressed with the depth of the information and the practical recommendations. Hearing others speak about their success on road blocks helped me to understand the material more thoroughly than a Home Study course could achieve. I’m glad I came. I really liked the hot seat session. I felt just like the guy on stage and had an awakening during that – I can do this with confidence!
  Ronald V. Gillis


The boot camp was well run and organized.

Alan was in control without being impersonal. The speakers and the information were priceless! I look forward to my first offers and deals. I brought my fiancé and this helped her see “our version.”

  Al Atienza


Alan explained what he suggested as ways to get lenders- then Alan gives you scripts, letters, CD’s, and everything except doing it for you.

What a Guy!!!

He also explains things in terms we can understand.


I expected a gruff teacher and you turned out to be a kind-hearted gentleman.

  Mary Anne McCubbin


All the info was great and the way it opened up the creative process in me and my partners outlook on the whole matter in general.
  Joe Schmitt


He was phenomenal. He is a great speaker. There is so much to say about Alan that I can’t even start.
  Luzy Calafat


This was a fabulous event. The need for private lenders is on of the most critical and powerful elements of real estate investing. The techniques were clear and very well taught. May thanks!
  Fred Meadows


GREAT “How to”! I’m eager to get started!
  Roger Fung


Alan makes you believe, by showing you the money that’s available all around you.
  Gene Lafferty


I loved the boot camp. I learned how to find private lenders legally. Alan was complete with the information, telling pitfalls as well as benefits. This can totally change my real estate business for the better
  Pam Theriault


The boot camp brought a lot of things together and answered a lot of questions, i.e. the fact the luncheon is on the web and I don’t have to create it.
  Gary Noel


It’s very professional and information is given on a continuous level. I like the prizes that you give after the breaks. I also like how Alan has music on everything (writing music, cookie music, and break music). I get a kicker out of that. The role plays are excellent. It takes learning to a whole new level.
  Willie Redd


Alan is a very mid-western and down to earth guy and presents his program in such a way that it appeals to everyone present. He is also very practical and detail oriented. This is a very good step by step approach to getting money without going to banks.
  Richard Fox


Learning how to get money, the SEC regulations, and the forms are very good.
  William Mancuso


Alan explained and made it so easy, that even I can do it. Thank you!
  Sonja Larsen


Clear to the last sentence. Alan spoke to his audience with a calmness and confidence that made you feel that this is easy to do. Even though there was a lot of preparedness he gives you all the material you need to accomplish this and move. I can’t thank you enough for this entire four days.
  Jean Browning


“We have done many rehabs over the years, but were limited due to funds and loans. This is the missing link in any boot camp. This will really streamline out business.”
  Roger Piña


Alan, thank you for sharing your insight into private money and other insights into real estate. You go into great detail to explain a subject that most people would not be able to make it clear. You make it clear. You never make anyone wrong. Your manner is so cool and in control. Thanks for such a great value and opportunity. I will use your methods for a project in the states and also to raise large funds for a project in China. Thank you so much.
  Howard Odor


Alan put together a fantastic boot camp. It was inspiring to attend and to hear Alan talking and sharing from his heart. His presentation was very clear and precise. I love all the information he provided for his students. Alan provided CD’s and information we can go home and use for our business. I appreciate all the forms and information he allows us to use. Thank you Alan for all the information, fun, and goodies.
  Pattie Anne Horoshak


Pulled the financing price together for me- made sense out of what I’ve been hearing in regards to private lending. Given that our financial resources or so limited- I now know I can move past the “I can’t afford this…” mentality! There is no reason that we can’t go out and do it- I believe that you’ll see us at future Cowgill boot camps. And thanks for the breakfasts and lunches! It made life much easier while attending the boot camp.
  Debbie Rothermel


Alan is a superb speaker. The boot camp was by far the best organized boot camp I have ever attended. The spacing of the tables, temperature of the room, audio visual, and sound to list a few. The refreshments provided were just right and greatly appreciated. Having everyone come to the mic was very well organized. The material provided and Alan’s coverage of them leaves better questions unanswered. Alan has opened the doors of my imagination. We are just beginning so we have no success stories to tell. However it will now be long before we do. Alan has just jump started our business.
  Diane Coyle


Alan provided a comprehensive system for locating investment funds. The supporting information, which included a turnkey presentation and audios, sells the potential investor almost by itself. Also all written documentation to get and manage funds is included.
  Miles G. Seifert


This boot camp opened up many vistas to me, some that I have considered before and some that are completely new.

This is opening the way for me to get the money I need to grow my real estate business.

  Gerald Stevenson


Great material presented with excellence, and excellent support manual. Room had seating with elbow room. Increased spacing between isles. Lighting on stage (diamond) was superior. Great food for lunch, breaks, and breakfast.
  William Coyle


Alan presents a clear, concise, well thought out and through, organized boot camp. He really dials in the details.
  H. Gary Stevenson


Alan is thorough and patient. He takes the time to explain things, and has a positive demeanor. He has a thorough knowledge of his subject. This will allow me to do transactions I would have passed on up till now.
  Lorna Munson


Alan is the real deal- what he promised to deliver, he delivered. He not only showed me where to get the money but made it clear how to get the money and why. Thank you, Alan for showing me the money.
  Tom Koebel


All of the information was phenomenal and it all inter related to the end result. If all the information received is used, it could only end up to success and a life changing experience. I like the way the boot camp was set up and the flow of information presented. All information given was a very integrated part of the whole picture. I really enjoyed the four days…
  Rosalind Winn


Alan’s boot camp was awesome, very professional, informative, and entertaining. I would definitely recommend the boot camp to anyone wanting to step up their confidence, knowledge base and hopefully income. Great job!
  Chris Ormsbee


I loved the professional nature of this seminar. I was very impressed by Alan’s posture, so easy going and so firm about his rules of thumb and his business practices. I think what I learned from his experiences and lessons are priceless. The SEC attorney information was very valuable as well as all the other speeches. I left this seminar with a clear picture of how we would make our first million dollars in real estate. Thanks Alan for taking care of us. I really get that you have a big heart.
  Maria Gonzalez


This is the very first experience where the host left nothing out. Alan walked us through every step of the process. Our homework the first night was a smashing success … No banks, no credit, no hassle, just money.
  Bob Pennza


The information! How simple it can be! And all the information and support when it’s not so easy. And other trainings to hook into when we’re ready and materials. Thank you! Beautifully organized and presented. Other presentations were excellent- dovetailed very well with Alan’s info.
  Kathleen Goodman


Alan, I very much enjoyed the boot camp. I feel like I got much more than my monies worth. I appreciated the low pressure approach and admire your friendly and down to earth manner. I feel like you are sincere about helping me as one of your students.
  Dennis Steinman


I enjoyed Alan’s low key, yet practical approach to teaching us about how to find private lenders! I also enjoyed the other presenters showing the opportunities available in other aspects of real estate. So much to learn, but it will be quicker than I can imagine.
  Genevieve Cormiae-Foster


I heard about ‘Private Lending’ from my brother but really had to investigate the opportunity. The boot camp was presented in such a step-by-step way that after four days I feel comfortable with seeking our private funds. This opportunity will allow me to take my business to the next level.
  Dale J. Steinman


The information and techniques learned here at this boot camp are priceless. This is some of the pieces of the puzzle that my business has been missing and will take us to the next level. Alan’s willingness to answer all the questions asked, and the detail in which he answered them was very much appreciated. The flow and structure in which the boot camp was organized has been the best one that I have attended…
  Gary M. Graham


  1. Alan’s serious although casual approach, however very professional.

  2. The take away information and documentation were very usable.

  3. Side benefits/ networking made/found new R.E. professionals.

  4. Strong and usable “step-by-step” how to strategies and tactics.

  5. The new concepts of how to use ones IRA “to be the bank” exit strategy and grow the IRA.

  James E. Johnson


What I like best was the previews of how Alan organizes his business and makes forms and letters available to us via CD’s. The ZZZ Real Estate presentation was super! The detail on the SEC compliance was great- making his SEC attorney, Ralph, available at the boot camp was a valuable time for me. The IRA forms portion of the boot camp was invaluable to me. The additional speakers were a welcomed event as it widened my scope of real estate and how to do it in other ways or how to do it better.
  Isaac Garcia


Alan is a very professional speaker. He gives the students his all and everything they will need to succeed. This makes the students feel very confident to get out and get going. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  Anne Ullman


…this is a great source of information to bring the investor with some knowledge or experience to a higher level! Guests shared valuable organization systems and perspectives on different investments arenas, but most valuable and worthwhile was Alan’s no detail left behind system for raising private money.
  Alan Bair


As a professional pilot I operate and manage all aspects of flight using checklist to enhance safety. Your boot camp is wonderfully organized and efficient because of your use of check list. Additionally, the system and material is tested and proven which provides a great deal of confidence to move forward. I also enjoy how much detail you provide in your course material. Comprehensive and very complete from beginning to end which makes this easy to understand. I also appreciate your sincerity, frankness, honesty, and the fact that you truly do care about your students. In short you are a nice man Alan and deserve every bit of your success! Thank you for this opportunity.
  Ron Overholt


“Private Lending has helped our business so far. After the seminar we will be able to raise larger amounts and expand our business. The lending seminars will be crucial. Thank you for all of the information and guest speakers. The lunches and snacks were great.
  Shawn Wolfswinkel


Alan takes the mystery out of finding private funds. He taught us very simply and thoroughly upon what is and what is not allowed. I feel confident and comfortable to find private lenders.
  Kevin Cornelsen


It was direct and to the point. Very informative and creative. I will use not only the information on private lending but also the exit strategies to complete the deals.
  Scott McRae


I really liked the information that was provided by Alan and his team. Alan showed great appreciation for his staff-Great. Thanks for everything.
  Steven Schaffer


Alan’s boot camp was excellent. It was very concise training on the exact techniques and strategies for raising private money from day one.
  James Karren


I really liked the fact that every base was covered. Besides just getting private lenders money, the real estate buying and selling tips and software were great additions streamlining my business.
  Jamie Howe


Comprehensive and provides a fantastic learning environment.
  Michael Moss


The boot camp was exceptional. Alan’s presentation was awesome. The knowledge learned will certainly change my life and business substantially, by enabling me to buy and sell more property. Also, Alan provided breakfast and lunch where no one ever has before. He is very generous. I will recommend his boot camp to everyone I know.
  Barbara Christensen


Alan takes the mystery out of how to finance our real estate projects without using traditional banks and mortgage companies. Knowing how to approach private lenders and to structure financing within using traditonal ere great additions to my streamlining SEC guidelines is a must for every investor.
  JoLyn Cornelsen


Clean and straight forward. Delivery/promises = very high, good atmosphere. Thank you.
  Ami Ronen


This seminar had given so much information. It has given me the knowledge how to find the funds needed to do the real estate deals I want to do. I couldn’t do without private funds. Thank you Alan!! I greatly appreciate what you have done for me.


p.s. thank you for all the snacks and luncheons!

  Lila Shults


I appreciate the content, the format of this boot camp, where I learned a lot with like people. It was seasonal and curiously I had a lot of fun during these four days. I will certainly attend another of your boot camps (just for the fun of it). Your total boot camp is a complete success for me and I am confident to obtain all my future financing from private lenders and this is a very fun time. Thanks again.
  Christian Mees


Alan’s boot camp was awesome! I learned so much. This has totally taken away the fear of doing or saying the wrong thing and being in trouble with the SEC. I learned what to say and more importantly what NOT to say. The manual was EXCELLENT and included some very valuable information. This will allow me to do more deals with OPM than I could have done on my own. I can’t imagine what else could be added to this boot camp because this was truly ‘all inclusive.’ I feel so much better about seeking private lenders and money after taking this boot camp. Thanks Alan.
  Sandi Harmon


I enjoyed the manual, which makes it easy to follow the training and helps to reduce the amount of notes I need to record. Ralph was good.

  Cedric A. Brown


This boot camp and the information I was taught puts me far ahead of my competitors, which is very vital to any real estate investor. Without a source of money to do real estate transactions you are dead in the water.
  Ned Johnson


The content was excellent and learning the first evening to have confidence to call private lenders was what I needed to get me started. The content given for immediate use was and is what I wanted. Knowing my training, your seminar gave me tactics, a battle plan, not hope. You mesh well with my philosophy of “Get In, Get Out, Get Paid!”
  Donald Rothermel


Alan kept the pace of the seminar moving at a very comfortable speed. The information is vital and is well laid out and presented. There weren’t too many promoters selling their system, but the ones who were there presented their products well and the information is very necessary to having a well rounded education necessary to be a successful real estate investor. I liked the way Alan recaps each morning the information learned the day before. There is so much information at the boot camps, and the recap sessions help to instill the information and remind us of key points and things we need to do. Great job!
  Preston Clark


It was very informative. I came with little knowledge and I am leaving with a lot of knowledge!! I love the opportunity it created to meet other investors and possible partners and business clients. I wish we had more time to learn about the SEC, but what I learned in the time allotted will save my butt!! Thanks so much for that info.
  Thomas Kipling


From the techniques that Alan teaches we have a pledge for $7 million for private lending as well as some IRA pools once they are available. With the additional SEC training most of the fears have been removed so that we can move the funds to our current house projects as well as future commercial projects.
  David J. Coombes


Reinforced the materials we already had from buying the one day seminar we took when Alan came to our local REIA. I enjoyed meeting other investors.
  Jeanne Bedard


Thank you Alan for being the very nice person that you are. Every speaker you brought in along to accommodate your boot camp were very powerful. I had a great time.
  M. Beyna


Can’t tell you how much I appreciate Alan’s Boot Camp. Alan Cowgill cares so much for us to make sure we receive all the information – made easy for us in his informative and extremely well organized manual. You do feel like an expert and ready to go coming out of the blocks. Plus the experts that he brought and the new programs that his office created all help fill the gaps in our business plans. Finally, the food was outstanding – from the luncheons to the dessert breaks, and his staff is truly a help to all of us with their friendly, amicable, and professional manner that they hand the entire boot camp. Great program, great info, great instructions, great staff, and great boot camp.
  Richard Oliver


This is the piece we needed to truly be successful in real estate – especially working in a very down market. The manuals forms and marketing info are clear and concise. Thank you!
  Colleen Ring


I really enjoyed the section on SEC, which was one of the major reasons I came here. I’ve also enjoyed the networking ability.
  Steven Sewell


This program has clarified all of the things that stop everyone else from doing this. What does this mean? I know the process and method for getting private money. I now have the knowledge and confidence to get the money and take advantage of the real estate market. Thanks Alan.
  Phil Krawczuk


A great, detailed, step-by-step system to implement the use of private lenders to expand my real estate business. I’ll be able to do more deals with confidence since I will have cash available. Thanks Alan, for the missing weapon in my real estate arsenal!
  Steve Ring


  1. Alan filled in all the gaps in my knowledge base for doing luncheons and finally all issues on private lenders.

  2. I learned what I must do to stay in compliance with state and federal SEC

  3. received critical information on advertising and using post cards on web sites

I can now move forward with all phases of finding and using private money.

  Bruce Turner


Alan – thanks for all the wonderful information and the opportunities to learn more. Keep up the good work. I am now ready to put it all together and make it work and to get the money!!
  Alice E. Gehl


This is a very well executed setup. Alan is a great speaker. This is very exciting and motivating. The first night of homework was great. It made me get out of the box. The guest speakers were very good. They presented the information well and quickly, not wasting time. I now have fraud and identity theft protection at an affordable price. I also have pre paid legal services and would not have thought of this. Thank you Alan.
  Ernest Wright


It has given me the confidence to ask for private money to be able to advance my real estate investing. With this piece of the puzzle, I am able to go further than I would ever imagine. Thanks, I made many contacts that will be valuable for life.
  Susan Rainess


I found Alan to be very informative. He is well organized and knows his material. I enjoyed learning from Alan. I now feel confident that I can get the money I need for my investments. Thank you Alan.
  Scott Sorensen


Alan took very good care of his boot camp group. The information was excellent and will allow us to go to the next level in our business without limitations. I feel like I am well informed and equipped to get my own private lenders. Alan took an intimidating subject and made it understandable and doable. Thank you.
  Deane Addie


This seminar opened my thinking to huge possibilities. It gave me the confidence to move forward to find more private lenders. Alan and his staff were real, sincere and approachable. Alan delivered more than what was outlined. This will be considered one of the turning landmarks in our financial life. Plus, Alan is the best speaker in this area. He is just a likeable person. We will recommend to anyone who is not a competitor.
  James Bennett


You were very generous with breakfast and lunch – unlike some seminars. Thank you- that left a good taste in my mouth! I loved seeing people raise money the very first night – impressive! I liked it that you don’t come across as “slick and sleazy” like some speakers. It’s more personable and makes me more trusting. I liked it that you “gave” a lot away and gave extra goodies and materials to everyone and provided your personal e-mail.
  Doris Sims


I loved the usefulness of the material and the integrity of Alan. I was prepared to ask for money back if this course didn’t do what it purported. It did, in flying colors.
  Darrel Sims


Alan gives all the information, scripts, materials, documents, marketing materials, etc.
  Scott Kuehn


The biggest challenge I’ve had since starting my business has been finding ways to fund my deals. As a result, I was using my own money and getting myself into a position of being house rich and cash poor. Alan has given me the knowledge and confidence to raise money from private lenders. I have a lot of family and friends out of state who would like to get involved, but I didn’t know how to handle crossing state lines until I got Alan’s program. The boot camp was very direct and full of great information. Thanks, Alan!
  Lauri Fish


My partner and I came here to learn skills on generating private investment money for our business which we hope to turn into a “chain.” These businesses are not in real estate but are felt that the skills and processes we might learn could be adapted to meet our needs. We got much more than skills for generating working capital. We got systems and documentation which can actually help us run our business. That was an unexpected bonus. My back ground is in semi conduction setting up global operations… the business I am in now is medical… the processes you provided give me forms and docs that will be highly useful in filling in the needed systems that I am now faced with to close the gaps in setting up our organization and, we also have valuable language and skills to get the money to actually see this project through. Having previously in my former career set up 1S0 9000 compliances in my businesses in high tech – I understand and appreciate the amazing job you did.
  Lolita Sharp

"Awesome, I’m completely blown away. I have more tools to help grow my business then I know what to do with. The guest speakers were excellent and the opportunity to network was priceless. I can’t thank you enough for this Boot Camp. I can’t wait to get home and get started. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!"
  –Seth D. Himrod

"Alan Cowgill has systemized and simplified process that fills the biggest hole in my business, limited access for cash! More over this Boot Camp has revamped my business plan for a much more effective strategy for growth! The guest speakers and other presentations opened doors of opportunities for where to apply out private lender money. What I really appreciated about the Boot Camp was the chance to network with other real estate investors with different specialties. That alone is invaluable. I also appreciated that there wasn’t a hard upsell that I’ve experienced at other camps. Instead you offered legitimate tools that seemed to be priced on our (students) best interest not your pockets. Thank you Alan, I can’t wait to send you my first success testimonial!"
  –Joe Sifuentes

"Alan’s’ genuine interest in his student’s success and his caring willingness to be available to make sure we succeed. Also, his generous showing of his research and tools to assure are fast- start success by letting us start our business without re-creating the wheel. Loved the guest speakers and hope they’ll all return when we repeat the class. We’ve invested an uncomfortable amount of money to get the system and tools so that we can “hit the ground running” and spend out time paying back our education cost and on real estate wealth creation. Thank you for helping us be closer to that goal."
  –Julie L. Bakus

"The information presented was very well organized and needed to proceed in finding private lenders. All documents and manuals were easy to read and easy to follow. The staff assisted and kept students comfortable and welcome. Alan’s presentations were easy to follow and he answered all questions. He is very knowledgeable in the business and we thank him for sharing the information."
  Douglas Wollenburg

"I thought that this Boot Camp was excellently well run-excellent-organized-meet expectations and more."
  –Carlotta Brown

"I have been to more Boot Camps then I can immediately count. This one has been the most well organized and well presented of them all; and I have been to some good ones. The material was organized, the presentation stepped through this material in an organized manner and at a rate the was not overly difficult to follow. One did not have to be a secretary or know short hand to make the few notes that went along with the written material. The organization of all aspects including questions was extremely well organized. All of his staff were dedicated and helpful."
  –Bruce Remillard

"I appreciate that all the material is laid out in a notebook and then we cover the materials from beginning to end. It surprises me how many other boot camps I’ve attended don’t follow this agenda. I am confident it will make retention of the information much easier. The guest speakers brought in have been very high caliber. They have added excellent value to the package. And its been as added treat to meet Alan’s team. Lastly, by all that you have offered it is cleanly evident you are interested in make others successful in their real estate investing careers. Thanks Alan, for caring so much."
  –Tom Weersing

"The primary class subject matter is fantastic! Alan’s support team is the best I have experienced of any Boot Camp of any type that I have attended. The main subject matter is complete and all questions were answered completely. Elvis was great!!! The Alexis Park was an excellent choice for venue. This is the first of 8 boot camps that I have been to that has given me an idea of the legal ramifications of what they are teaching me to do. A lawyer should be required to explain these issues for every boot camp of any type. Thank you for the most valuable information I have received in 3 years!"
  –Fred Livingston

"I liked your boot camp very much! The video of your luncheon was very useful. This has been a fabulous opportunity to meet and network with wonderful people from all over the United States and Canada. Valuable opportunity to learn and exchange ideas and build a solid network foundation of high caliber people who are actually working this business. Great support and encouragement for others who know our business. Very positive attitudes of people who are in the know vs. the negatives of people who don’t know (that we have to turn a deaf ear too). Your program is awesome! Lot’s of real meat and few potatoes. Thanks for you great and useful materials and presentations. Your staff were the most polite, helpful and knowledgeable people I have ever encountered at any type (not just RE) of boot camp/ seminars that I have ever attended. If I had a question or concern, they would happily take care of it quickly. Thanks Tracy, Darla, Jake and Kevin. Counseling sessions with Kevin was fantastic. He really listened to our situation and made invaluable suggestion to us based on our needs. Thanks Kevin."
  –Sharon Schuette


Feedback from Alan’s Students

“Where to Get the Money” Boot Camp

1. What was the most important thing you learned?

  • That getting private money is pretty simple and straight forward. It’s totally doable
  • This is the third time I have attended this boot camp
  • The material has grown and is very rich with many alternatives
  • Mr. Cowgill’s insights, advice
  • Mr. Sherman’s legal advice
  • Get off your butt and do it
  • Web based Office Management
  • SEC rules and regulations
  • How to put private lender to use to pay cash for real estate purchases
  • How easy it is to line up private investors
  • How to get private lenders through a tried and true approach and how important they are to my business being successful
  • Finding money using private lenders
  • You opened my eyes to the amazing amount of money available!
  • For me, the legal requirements
  • How to get and use private lender’s money
  • SEC information
  • People you don’t expect will have money sitting in 401k. etc. accounts
  • How others have been successful
  • Just do it!
  • How to ask
  • SEC rules
  • Education
  • Funding
  • Implementation (buying)
  • To find sources for the lenders
  • To step out of comfort zone
  • To be brave and conquer fear monster
  • It’s not the cost but availability
  • Script – calling Private Lenders
  • How to approach people and what to say when you step out of your comfort zone
  • SEC understanding
  • SEC regulations for interstate private lending
  • What to tell private lenders
  • Magic words
  • 30 second script
  • SEC info
  • What to say to get the money
  • Details (confidence) in working with private lenders
  • That I can now find private lenders. I did it!
  • SEC rules and regulations
  • Also how easy it is to get private money
  • Private money availability and ability to discuss the topic with people with less worry
  • Very exciting as it helps give you the confidence that there will be money available for the deals that are found
  • How to frame my criteria on lender/investor program
  • Private Investor lending process
  • Wave away my fear to ask for money
  • Asking for money is easier than I thought
  • Got familiarized with the SEC regulations
  • This knowledge is a confident booster for me
  • The realization of the IRA money being available
  • That I have to structure business according to SEC guidelines
  • There are systems to follow for most anything
  • That people will actual invest life savings in such an option!
  • How to find/develop private lenders
  • How to approach potential private lenders
  • and what you can and cannot do
  • To use checklists
  • Don’t ask – don’t get
  • Get over fear
  • Fear – “false evidence appearing real.”
  • A small shift can have dramatic results
  • Where to get the money
  • How to approach private lenders

2. How will this Boot Camp change your life and your business?

  • It opens up the possibilities to do what I need to do
  • A lot of the systems you have I will start doing
  • Now I can feel more confident
  • Once I procure private funds my real estate investing will take off
  • I can make a lot more money
  • Life just began
  • I am in this to help my son who is struggling with 3 children
  • It has put everything in place for me
  • It showed me how to line up a large number of private investors in order to find potential deals
  • The information and knowledge gained from this boot camp will allow me to efficiently run my business.
  • Accelerated access to private lender
  • Enable us to move forward confidently
  • Knowing we have the resources to do so
  • Expand my business
  • Streamline
  • Organize
  • Motivate
  • A chance to put the puzzle together
  • Open up possibilities
  • By having access to money, we would like to buy more properties.
  • This is a seminar that I feel is double and attainable
  • I will be much more financially secure very soon
  • Calling for Private money opened my eyes
  • Level 4 $10m equals $100 million net worth
  • Learned the confidence to talk to people
  • I prefer to live as a “hermit” and educate them about what I do
  • I am the “expert” and people need to listen to me for the win-win-win
  • I can grow my business with more confidence
  • Access to funds to expand buying business
  • Provided excellent foundation on getting private lenders
  • Exposed me to possibilities
  • I will be able to acquire money for only investment
  • How to handle IRA, Pooling, and details of lunch
  • It will put it on turbo
  • Raise comfort level is presenting money investment opportunity
  • Meeting other investors who have done what I want to do
  • Enable me to start buying commercial properties
  • Lender Money
  • This boot camp will completely change how I fund all my future projects
  • I have the method for doing deals – now
  • I have the cash
  • Funding was the crucial element missing from my business
  • Problem solved
  • Private money available for the deals that will be found
  • Gives me focus on attracting lenders
  • It should be the boost I need to do my first deal
  • Because business line of credit won’t fund
  • Made me realize that I can really do this RE business
  • Because I will no longer worry how I can buy houses.
  • I will make more money
  • I am going to implement immediately
  • How to get lenders
  • How to organize office
  • Set up business correct re: SEC requirements
  • You have provided me with an additional valuable avenue or resource to do my real estate business
  • Can do this in the right order
  • I know how to say “show me the money”
  • Fall forward fast
  • Flap those lips
  • It will eliminate my funding challenges
  • To have more confidence in approaching friends and family without a hesitancy
  • Be ready to address their anticipated questions of “why is he asking me for money?”
  • Confidence in what I can do And cannot do
  • Expand my business model
  • It will allow me to move my business to the next level
  • Rounding off my education in investing

3. Will you recommend this to your friends and colleagues? Y/N Who? May I contact them

  • Once I start rolling I am confident that others will be attending
  • Most of my friends don’t do or like seminars so once they see how well I am doing, I am sure they will ask for info to the seminars so they can do good too
  • Will send them
  • If I meet someone I will definitely suggest they sign up for the boot camp
  • I’ll recommend you to them. Indeed
  • Actually, when I am attending other seminars on real estate I will make sure that any one with any interest knows about Alan’s seminar and how this seminar got me started.
  • I want to sign up for Alan’s affiliate program first
  • Anyone who is having funding challenges

4. What other information would you like to have provided?

  • Very comprehensive training so can’t think of anything else
  • I can’t think of anything
  • Alan was really thorough as it is
  • Can’t think of anything
  • Can’t imagine – ever pre-paid legal was a gift
  • This talk was icing on the cake
  • Really enjoyed it
  • More on getting rid of chaos in my business
  • I think Alan left no stone unturned
  • Your perfect and improving
  • Good the way it is

5. Additional Comments?

  • Everything was great
  • the best boot camp ever attended
  • Dave was the greatest
  • David (MC), Melissa (assistant) were very helpful.
  • Thanks so much
  • Excellent class!
  • Also thanks for providing breakfast and snacks
  • Dave was a good announcer!
  • Lots of info, could use refreshers
  • Love your easy going but structured style
  • You took excellent care of us every day.
  • Thank you
  • Everything was well organized
  • David S. – very enjoyable speaker. Great positive influence definitely – and I’ve seen and heard him speak previously. Reminds you to keep things in perspective and remember my blessings
  • Great job on your wonderful program
  • Overall great B/C
  • I loved it!
    • Seminar is not only good, It’s practical
    • What I’ve learned can be put into practice right now
    • Fabulous week
    • Thank you for the speaks, coffee, coolers, punch and treats
    • Great time—great people
  • It is so cool that you guys come across as truly wanting to help us get up and running in our business!!
  • Thanks for giving us all the pieces!


“This information and my materials are not legal, tax, or accounting advice. We suggest you consult your own professional advisors in running your business and working with private lenders.”