How To Get All The Money You Need To Buy Property

“How To Get The Money You Need To Buy Property”

Newsletter BookCould you use an unlimited supply of money to do all the residential and commercial deals you can find? THERE ARE (4) STEPS IN THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY: 1. Find 2. Fund 3. Fix 4. Sell Quickly Most real estate investors stumble and struggle with Step 2, the funding step. Whether you are doing single family homes, apartment complexes, or commercial buildings, your life will be immensely easier if you cultivate private lenders and make them an integral part of your business dream team. This book was created to help you take that 1st step in understanding what private lenders can do for you.

Topic Discuss in this book:
  • Entrepreneurial Secrets
  • The Key to Freedom and Real Estate Profit
  • Two Major Benefits of Having Private Lenders
  • Why Private Money
  • Dealing with the Fear Monster
  • Determine and Reach Your Target Market
  • Credibility Building
  • The “Interest Form”
  • THANK YOU Notes
  • Do Not Call
  • Alan’s Private Lender Rules
  • Handling the Money
  • The Audo Business Card
  • How to Handle One-on-One Meetings
  • Firing Private Lenders
  • Mortgages
  • Pooling Money
  • Buying the Houses
  • Fixing the House Selling Machine
  • Dealing With Contractors = Lessons Learned
  • Building My Dream Team
Here’s how to get the money you need to fund you real estate transactions even if your credit is shot, You’re broke, and living paycheck to paycheck.  

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