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“Where To Get The Money” Boot Camp “You Can Get All The Money You Want From People, Not Banks…And Get It Faster, Easier, And There’s No Limit To How Much You Can Borrow.” Let Alan show you How To Get All The Money You Need To Buy Property Even If Your Credit Is Shot, You’re Broke And Living Paycheck To Paycheck. Imagine it’s two months from now. Your local competitors can never seem to line up financing fast enough. In fact, many of them are afraid to make offers because they don’t know how they’ll finance the deals. But you have an unfair advantage… Click here for more info….

June 25 – 28, 2015
Milwaukee, WI
November 12 – 15, 2015
Charlotte, NC

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Real Estate Made Easy Newsletter

“Financial Freedom” Boot Camp How to turn your real estate business into a hands-free money machine that runs without you. “If you’re tired of being glued to your phone, trapped in your car, chained to your computer, or buried alive by endless bills and papers, here’s great news. You too can wave a magic wand and – “VOILA” – turn your real estate business into a hands-free money machine. It makes no difference if you retail, wholesale, or rent your properties… or do other kinds of deals like lease options or land contracts. If you’re in real estate of any kind, you can put your business on automatic, the same way you put your car on Cruise Control. The secret is fourfold:

  • Streamline, delegate, and automate your routines and responsibilities…
  • Train competent people to take the wheel…
  • Give them idiot-proof check sheets and systems so they never mess up…
  • Pay them for results…

That’s how big boys like Donald Trump build empires.” Click here for more info….

August 20 – 23, 2015
Cromwell, CT