Notice to Auction Site Buyers:

As an entrepreneur, I fully support free trade and a person’s right to make a living. I do it for myself, my family, each of my employees and their families too. I support and use eBay and other online sites that offer goods for resale. What I don’t support is shady people who copy and resell my copyrighted materials.

For me the entrepreneur, it takes time and money from those I am responsible for supporting; my family and employees. It takes time to fight these people and time is money. For you, the eager student who is looking to support his or her family by learning a new trade or advancing the skills you have, it takes time and money from you as well. Let me explain.

These people who are violating copyright laws to make a few dollars are taking advantage of both of us. Many of them are copying old, outdated systems that are a waste of your time. I update my system on a regular basis to keep them current with the changes in the SEC and the industry. By investing your hard-earned money in an old, pirated system, you may not be getting the education and tools that you need. There are parts of my current system that can only be gotten online through access from my office. The advances and changes in my systems have made older versions unusable. There are always going to be changes and improvements that will benefit my students. For example, last year I personally did a total scrub on all my systems. I did so with a focus on keeping you in compliance with the SEC and by adding clarity on attracting and dealing with private lenders.  It was a huge undertaking and the right thing to do. I have never been so proud of my systems as I am today.

On average, my office receives 1 pirated system a week from an unhappy online buyer. It’s appalling. These are people just like you who want nothing more than to get ahead in life. They are looking for the best information that will help them do that and what they got was illegal copyrighted material that could have missing key components and outdated materials that could potentially get them into trouble. Remember, rules and laws change all the time. Over the course of the last 9 years, things have changed and I have become more knowledgeable in this business.

As a general rule, my office staff does not provide support to persons who buy their systems through an unauthorized online source. Meaning, I have many affiliates who have my system listed on their websites, but eBay and other auction sites are not one of them. Are there legitimate systems for sale on resale sites. Yes. How can you tell if a system is legitimate? It’s not so easy online, but if a seller lists his auction or sale as “Private” on eBay, that is a good indicator. Using the “Private” auction feature, you can’t see what the seller has sold in the past and therefore, you can’t see how many times they have sold the same item…over and over and over. We see the same users selling systems multiple times on the internet and we know that they are violating our copyright.

In my office, we look for several things. If the printing in a system is fuzzy or hard to read, it is a copy. The same goes for the CD labels. I only send out the highest quality materials. No funky, wild colors, no fading, no bad print. I take pride in what I do and won’t have it any other way. There are other indicators as well, but I won’t disclose them all to you here. Why give the thieves an advantage?

If you ever have any questions or concerns about a system you have bought, call my office and they will be happy to speak with you. They are available Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm Eastern Time. 937-390-0816.

All I can say is BUYER BEWARE!