Amazing Testimonial for Alan’s "Where To Get The Money" Bootcamp:


• Alan Cowgill and his thoroughly passionately highly knowledgeable and field practiced/training experienced team: Kevin Derr, Donna Pena, and SEC attorney Ralph Sherman present a top flight very well thought through 4-day private money lending training to the attending real estate student-investors of all training and experience levels along with affiliated instructors Marko Rubel, Attorney Lee Phillips, Attorney Bob Diamond, and Andy Heller who care equally as highly about their student-practitioners. I know this for a fact because I have nearly all of these affiliate instructors’ training materials and attended their boot camps. Their affiliation with Alan confirms that I also selected the right REI schools for my REI education and practice.

• Alan Cowgill personally makes sure that our student questions are fairly and completely responded such that other students can clearly hear the questions, the student’s name and in context of the student’s geographical location. Alan also accepts student questions submitted by email prior to class for discussion in class integrated in with the course material.

• Alan Cowgill and his private money instructors follows and elaborates on his class work book hard copy PowerPoint slides such that we students have a basis for our notes. This way, we students carry out of the training a set of class notes integrated with Alan’s slides, instead of our taking notes without any relationship to the slides. This is extremely valuable for the coherency and integrity of the class.

• Alan Cowgill with his SEC Attorney instructor Ralph Sherman makes sure that we students are thoroughly cognizant of the applicable state and federal SEC rules and regulations across all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and their identification in the SEC code via a clear 3 part road map that they had us students experientially carry out of how to navigate the code in order for us real estate investors to conduct our education, acquisition, and maintenance of our private money lenders in a professionally prepared manner, whether within a state, or across state lines, and in consideration of the various states’ implementation of their SEC rules.

• Alan Cowgill is extremely proficient, along with his instructional staff, at mind-reading us students to maximize our attention span, judiciously using breaks, and especially accentuating important material throughout the four days of training.

• Donna Pena takes the very much welcomed imaginative initiative to think outside of the box on those all important "little things" to create and maintain a highly supportive learning environment and atmosphere, for example, a well arranged and organized back table at all times changing it to be congruent with Alan and the other instructors, a continual warm and professional caring demeanor highly impeccable and personable, and always on top of our student needs both individually and aggregately. All that Donna has promised me I can take it to the bank and it always cashes. Not very many REI entrepreneurial schools have such a top flight administrative/logistical/back office business training process, but Alan Cowgill has this, particularly through Donna Pena and her staff in all aspects of the training at all times including that of the home study courses. This is an impressive display of a fingertip administrative and logistical management system very responsive to student needs in a timely fashion.

• Alan Cowgill’s educational material is comprehensive, well written, organized and presented, cognizant about the audience perspectives whether that of the real estate investor, the private money lender, the governmental regulatory authorities, the hosting restaurants or hotels, the staff supporting the private money lender functions like the luncheon, dinner, or educational seminar, and priced within the realm of an E-Quadrant salary income.

• Alan Cowgill is gifted in course and class administration and teaching to all levels of student training and experience in such a manner as real estate investors completely new to the profession can understand, along with the highly trained and highly experienced real estate investors also receiving a tremendous amount of new knowledge and insight. (I observed this in class; ain’t hardly any of us nodding off, and those who did didn’t stay that way for long.)

• Alan Cowgill’s training presentations across the four days are inherently self-consistent and congruent with the home study materials especially with the Private Lending Gold, Premium System, and Wealth Management, but also with the Real Estate Management System and others of Alan’s products.

• Alan Cowgill’s live affiliate instructor selection had confirmed my previous selection of their educational services as my own teacher-practitioners whose real estate investing business processes mirror the impeccability of Alan’s own business systems. I was very pleasantly surprised when these instructors had come in to present their materials.

• I appreciated Coach Kevin Derr’s professional kindness in having for us students a special first evening Q/A period after the first day of class and for his thorough responses to our questions. Coach Kevin also responded to our questions and had established a professional relationship with many of us students throughout the four days of training.

• It was extremely gracious of Instructor SEC Attorney Ralph Sherman and Mrs. Sherman to conduct a Saturday after class Q/A session…

• Alan Cowgill and his instructional team have a really superlative and unique sense of humor, very congruent with the material being presented.

• Alan Cowgill had very imaginatively, creatively and effectively used his bonus gift raffles in class in a masterful way to keep our attention at peak efficiency and to assure that we all were at our seats for the next session. The envelopes spelling out "Private Money" push pinned to the corkboard was very impressive and held our attention. Those who won each of the 12 raffles afforded Alan the opportunity to describe the advantages of us students having these REI and PML resources with the implicit acknowledgment that the raffle winner now has those advantages. And if any winner already has the resource, Alan and Donna Pena very graciously permitted the student winner to have other resources that totaled in value to the raffled resource (how do I know this?).

• Alan Cowgill keeps continually improving his class training and training business process even during the training, for example, Alan very kindly had recorded SEC instructor Attorney Ralph Sherman’s teaching and made these available across the current and last several bootcamps to make sure that we REI practitioners have the most optimum SEC support from Attorney Ralph. and Alan had even thought about doing this for us students at 1am of the Saturday morning that Attorney Ralph was to instruct us and also to release these to us students at cost via internet download.

• This four day bootcamp with its associated three home study courses constitutes a crucial training along with my association with Alan Cowgill and his team towards my success as a real estate investor and entrepreneur with my prospective private money lenders beginning with my family, friends and associates with my trained professional conduct with them in a legal manner, ethically, morally, and win-win across the board. This mindset underlies all of Alan’s training with his instructional team by their own personal example whether from his home study courses but especially during the four days of live training, including that of his affiliate instructors.

Here are the testimonials after I came back from the four day training:

• I echo my training partner’s observation that we’re now spoiled by the best! (ps, if Gino Aragon already mentioned this, then I defer this testimonial to his, since this is his verbally expressed observation to me. But since this is Gino’s statement, I really should not have it attributed to me either.)

• I appreciate the thoroughness of how Alan Cowgill and his Colby team had set up, hosted, conducted, and taken down a very much involved training all in an impressive seemingly lean six sigma manner, waste minimized logistical process as befitting what Alan was teaching us real estate investor students to do–all that Alan and his team does is entirely congruent with his own professional real estate and training practice. As Alan noted to me, this is not a trivial undertaking, and it underscores, Alan and his instructional team’s dedication to the success of his students.

• Alan Cowgill has smoothly integrated the four-day live training with his Premium, Wealth Management and Private Lender Gold home study systems. This is essentially all one course with no incongruence between them. I appreciated the demonstration by Alan and Coach Kevin using the Excel spread sheets in class. (I can’t wait until I can physically attend the Financial Freedom Boot Camp after having practiced the Real Estate Management system with the ZZZ Software for actual real estate investing transactions as I ramp my business up.)

• The role playing of real estate investor and private money lender was very realistic and extremely valuable as our emotions cannot distinguish between the reality of an actual interchange and a role play. In fact, this is how my real estate investor colleagues had actually interacted with me in my position as a PML and how I had responded several months in advance of the four-day training. The role-playing had increased my knowledge of how I as either an REI solutions provider and as a PML should interact with the other.

• I appreciated Alan Cowgill’s starting each day of the training with his handwritten notes in hand and recapping what he and his instructional team covered the day before, and the morning or afternoon before. This connects each day with each other in a seamless fashion.

• Alan Cowgill is extremely gracious to allow his students to repeat his bootcamps indefinitely permitting us students to acquire the latest knowledge from Alan’s and his instructional team.

I appreciated the training environment fostered by Alan Cowgill as to provide the freedom for his affiliate instructor’s creativity if they so desired. In particular, American IRA CEO instructor Jim Hitt had thought to use our lunch hours during the last three days of training to be a working lunch Q/A session. I found this to be very valuable.

  –Greg Tong


Testimonials from Alan’s "Where To Get The Money" Event
Here’s What Others Like You Have Said About It


Alan’s boot camp helped me a great deal. By being here and having him teach in person is priceless. A lot of work went into preparing his seminar and he really cares and wants you to learn. He is an awesome speaker, instructor, and when you speak with him you can tell he want you to achieve your goals and learn. Alan goes above and beyond to teach you, and pulls his resources from outside friends etc. so that there is no stone left unturned. I can’t wait to listen and learn more from him.

  — Maura Hotchkiss 


This is a truly knowledgeable and educational as well as hands-on teaching boot camp on the topic of “Where To Get The Money.” This is an awesome and time/money deserved program … After attending this boot camp training, I’m ready to go whole speed to my private lending and real estate whole selling as well as sale-to-lease-option strategies!!

  — Masao Yu 


Genuine, hands-on, professional. An affordable program, full of information that’s understandable to anyone at any level of experience or knowledge.

  — Yara Arias 


Very much appreciated these four days and learned an extraordinary amount of useful, hands-on knowledge and information based on your experience. All aspects and speakers were extremely knowledgeable and informative. Highlights were Ralph Sherman and Bob Diamond for me personally, but all were outstanding and exceptional value for the money. I regret having spent loads of money for education that cannot compete with the hands-on training received here. However, my positive mindset will let me move forward regardless. Many, many thanks.

  — Karel Labberton 


It gave me the confidence to hold a luncheon to educate potential private lenders. It also gave me direction to know when and how to register with the SEC and how to know when it’s time to do so.

  — Mike Jacobson 


To Alan and his team,
The bootcamps have been amazing and so very helpful…. Since then I have had contact with Alan and his staff which are very knowledgeable. I have dealt with many bootcamps and this is the best of all. I wish I found you years ago…. I can’t wait until I have all this information working like a well-oiled machine. This was a learning year and next year is going to be the best year yet in development of my real estate business.

  — Beth Fasnacht 


  1. Practical, step-by-step approach to legally raise private money for real estate investment
  2. Introduced to expert real estate investors with unique techniques
  3. Very well run and organized program
  4. Excellent handout materials; plus, optional educational materials and programs for sale
  5. Great way to meet Alan’s staff
  6. Opportunity to network with others of similar interest in real estate
  — Ron Mulberry 


We learned some crucial information on staying SEC compliant with regard to private money lending. Great info! Thanks!

  — Dusty Keefe 


-The idea of meeting like-minded individuals who come together to learn more and acquire knowledge on how to make it in life
-How to find a private lender and the laws governing using a private lender who are strangers
-All the topics about REI
-Alan motivated me to stand up and get going. Really, I am blessed and looking forward for my next deal

  — Judith Ekhelar 


-The volume of information given
-This opened the doors/introduced me to aspects of the industry I had heard bits and pieces about but never before understood
-The depth of information given
-Meeting other people and folks from “all over” as well as locally
-His confidence-building exercises
-Patience for those feeling overwhelmed and/or lacking confidence
**This experience has been very helpful in helping me figure out my niche and developing my focus.** THANK YOU!

  — Win Shuman 


What a wealth of information! Anyone serious about building wealth in real estate business needs to attend this camp.

  — Chris Page 


This helps build the confidence to reach out to potential private lenders. It provides the tools and foundation to do it right and legally – and ensure business credibility. The guidelines for SEC compliance are invaluable. The resources provided and the connection for legal guidance are second-to-none. Thanks also for the introduction to how we can improve the operation of our business.

  — Zachary Henry 


-Private Lending
-How to organize my business

  — Raphael Ekhelar 


Alan’s boot camp has opened my eyes as to where I would like to take my real estate business. My downfall so far has been not enough money to grow my business. I now see how much money is available by using other people’s money. Alan’s plan has start-to-finish steps on how to obtain other people’s money and then how to invest it to obtain the greatest results. Thank you Alan.

  — Steven Harrison 


Opened my eyes to the amount of money that is available to me for just asking. This knowledge will allow me to expand my business using private lenders and speeds up the process. The Q&A sessions were beneficial as was the role-playing. This course gave real-life, practical experience, which is extremely valuable. Alan, Kevin, Joshua and Donna made themselves available to answer my questions in private and one-on-one. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking to start real estate investing or the seasonal investor take this training. The knowledge learned is extremely valuable. Application of this knowledge will keep us out of trouble in terms of saving time and money.

  — Robert Hess 


Jam packed information, lots of field preparation, many qualified field experts and venture out opportunities. After learning the information from this bootcamp, I’ve realized there is a lot of misleading information on the internet. Alan took the guess work out of sifting though this information and presented the realizable facts….

  — Michael Daye 


I have been working on a program to secure funds from Family, Friends and Associates for the past 12 months. During the 12 months I had a rough draft of a plan. The past 4 days in the boot camp have taken me from a rough draft to a plan and procedure that I will implement this week. My number one concern has been the SEC rules, requirements and regulations. This is no longer an issue; the boot camp has resolved my concern….

  — Rob Sales 


Alan Cowgill’s “Where To Get The Money” boot camp is the best boot camp I have ever attended. Not only does Alan possess a great talent for teaching, he also brings renowned experts providing a compact, comprehensive, learn-it-all, action-packed 4-day program straight to the student. If you want to know it all, then this boot camp is for you. Our company followed the step-by-step instructions on how to do a luncheon and got commitments for $250,000 our first time out, which brings up another unbelievable point. We followed this step-by-step procedure provided in Alan’s system. The tools offered at this boot camp puts professionally developed information at your fingertips. It can’t be beat, I’ve been to over 10 of these types of programs. Thanks Alan for developing such a great program.

  — Phillip Howard 


Alan’s “Where To Get The Money” boot camp has been fantastic because not only does he get you involved during the coaching sessions but he also makes sure you fully comprehend the course to make sure that you’re armed with all the tools you need to raise money from private investors. Alan’s course is the real deal. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  — Abe Bah 


This was a super boot camp!!! We learned an awful lot – everything important and useful. The guest speakers were very informative as well. Many thanks Alan. (My husband is very happy I bought your course! Once we get going and start making real money we will buy your systems course!)

  — Myrna Labberton 


Alan’s excellent adventure in raising private money was great. Particularly liked the dancing girls and rose the trained elephant. Seriously – very good and pertinent information on how to raise private money; how to do it legally and ethically. How to figure out what structure you want to use and what is right for your business model.

  — Randy George 


It gave me the chills knowing how much money there is to be made in a field that is close to my field which is I am a contractor who loves to remodel homes and I am so very good in every field of remodeling. With Alan’s boot camp he is like a God-send. Now I need to focus on what he has shown me and put his tools to work in my toolbox. There is so much to learn; it’s great to be around a good group of people who care and want to help each other and it’s all because of Alan’s boot camp that we all got a chance to meet different people with all different opinions. Thank you Alan Cowgill and all your staff.

  — Lennard Antonelli 


Very thorough and concise… No questions were left unanswered. Private lending for dummies (so simple). On-time bribes in the letter envelopes. Q&A sessions. All slides were in the manual, no need to constantly take notes. Much more in depth than Jay Connor!

  — Michael Koehler 


It has been amazing the wealth of knowledge one man can impasse upon a group of students. When it comes to private lending Alan has surpassed my expectations of him… One out of many things I liked was Ralph… As with Alan, both are very passionate and knowledgeable about what they’re teaching and practicing. Alan gives it to you straight without holding anything back. I like that. The manual provided us with additional info that wasn’t covered in the premium system… Overall, the seminar provided me with valuable information. I would recommend this course for those investors seeking private money.

  — Tommy Hardaway


This training gave me a step-by-step program to follow and the confidence to approach people to become Private Lenders. It provided me with a mental shift to offer the opportunity to many people without the fear of thinking I was asking for something vs. giving the…chance to improve their financial situation with better returns [on their investments].

  — Patricia McCorry


Well worth it! What amazes me most is how vested Alan is in striving to make people succeed. A++ Boot Camp- my first! Phenomenal experience… What also impresses me is that Alan, Kevin, Chaffee, and Donna are good, ethical people – not slick talkers filling the days with fluff…

  — Margie Dunki-Jacobs


  1. I really appreciated the emphasis on how my success in this business is so dependent on my beliefs, attitudes, confidence, and professionalism as I deal with private lenders.
  2. Alan’s program is better than many at really walking us through the “nuts and bolts” of borrowing private money…
  3. Unlike some of his competition, I got the sense that Alan is every bit as interested in his student’s success as he is his own…
  — Michael Sopchak


Alan is full of information and shares it willingly with everyone. The information is so important to me because it fills the gap we had for “where do we get the money” to do more deals!? Kevin, Chaffee, and Donna are also a wealth of help and info, and provide awesome support to everyone here. We are back on track to get our business going.

Thanks so very much.

  — Donna Czajkowski


I truly enjoyed the entire Boot Camp! It was very intense and full of valuable information. I like how the information was delivered and organized… It is very clear that you really care about your students.
Thank you for deciding to teach us what you know. See you at your next Boot Camp!

  — Brian Bass


This Boot Camp has been [very] exciting and educational for me. It has solved my problems of raising money for my deals and removed the most important barrier in developing my real estate business.
The simplified system of Alan’s Private Money Lending is the best in the world and I can recommend it to anybody on this planet.
Thank you Alan.

  — Khushal Patil


The presentations that Alan gave were very direct and informative! He does it in a very easygoing manner, which is appreciated. The tools available are a valuable asset in an investor’s tool kit… Thank you!

  — Eric Shafer


Thank you Alan, Kevin, and Donna for all the information and a friendly, fun, and enjoyable presentation… I have been full time in real estate since 2003, so the office management [system] and confidence to now go and raise more private capital was exactly what I needed!

Thank you from the mountains of Colorado!

  — Todd Proffit


No nonsense way to raise $$. Alan is the real deal. Most ethical –real– most compassionate trainer in the industry. Alan fills in all the holes in a no holds barred boot camp –he can change your life.
Since having cash is the Holy Grail to buying real estate, without Alan’s training, you’re wasting your time and your family’s money.
…His attorney, Ralph [is] a real find. Imagine an attorney that makes you feel confident and has your back! He shows you… how to start on the right track.

  — Steve Driscoll


Alan presented critical information and scripts, gave us the opportunity to practice with others, and best of all, gave us his valuable feedback. Thanks for the help and head start.

  — Hendrie Grant


…My confidence is soaring right now and I’m looking forward to putting what I have learned to work… Thank you for putting on a first class seminar.

  — Dan Harvey


Alan’s boot camp put the pieces together for me. My goal [was] to leave the boot camp with a plan to quit my job and get into real estate full time. I achieved that goal on Day 3.
The boot camp allowed me to become aware of the SEC regulations and which ones apply to my business. I am now confident on my SEC standing.
Thank you Alan, Donna, Kevin, and all. Great job!

  — Mark Wiedelman


  • Well structured
  • Very comprehensive program
  • No FLUFF
  • Interactive and high energy
  • Most of all, VERY INFORMATIVE
  — Corey West


I have been to Alan’s Where to Get the Money Boot Camp twice.

  1. I have obtained great value in his boot camps each time. Learning something I did not know before on Private Money.
  2. Alan’s the best teacher of SEC rules on private money…
  3. Alan keeps you out of trouble with the SEC!
  — Joseph Doyle


Really liked the role-play, [it] gave me confidence to ask for private lender money… LOVED Ralph…, he is a wealth of knowledge.

  — Andrea Campbell


Alan’s boot camp provides a feeling of confidence when presenting to Private Lenders. It is a serious business to use someone’s hard-earned money and Alan provides a serious and professional approach. You feel the strength of his years of knowledge and expertise in every aspect of his presentation.

  — Jane Stoecker


If you want to grow your real estate business, you MUST attend Alan Cowgill’s Boot Camp for getting Private Lenders and buy his Premium Private Lending system… We even practiced on our in-state family, friends, and business associates the first night… That boosted confidence about the possibilities of where we could take our businesses. [Alan] even shared his Real Estate Office Management System to streamline our operations. His online business management program was co-developed with Brad, who did over 600 deals [in 2011] because of the system. To do that speaks volumes about the value of this program. Alan also had his SEC attorney spend an afternoon with us discussing the Dos and Don’ts and answering our questions. What a gift! …We each had the opportunity to walk away from the conference with a plan in hand on how to proceed once we got back home.

  — Michele Moran


I got more information and knowledge from this seminar than any other seminar I’ve ever attended. Alan Cowgill’s “Where to Get the Money” boot camp tells us where and how to raise private money easily for our real estate business, and also provides us with very important information on how to protect us legally…
…Thank you, Alan. I gained a lot of confidence, looking forward to a beautiful future.

  — Winnie Peng


I’ve been investing in RE for 10 years and was getting commercial financing from local banks for my properties/deals.
Alan’s seminar opened my eyes on how I can make a fortune by using private money…

  — Pavel Sakurets


The workshop was professional and elegant. Mr. Cowgill got my attention early and kept me engaged for four (4) days. This workshop was powerful, and now I am more free than before…
…I will strongly recommend this workshop [on] Private Money to my investor friends.

  — Hermon Huggins


I have attended many (many, many, many…) seminars that have provided a ton of excitement and fluff, I am extremely pleased to say that Alan’s seminar is packed with practical content and illustrates the functionality and ease of his private lender system.  Covering everything from contacting strangers to filing tax forms; I feel confident to return home and execute his system, as is.  The best part I feel is the simplicity to tweak the system to customize making it your own – to have it suit your own personality.  Outside of having a wealthy family or established credit lines, this is the fastest reliable way to having access to capital to fund your deals.  I can easily see having access to more money than enough deals to use it all.  This program will be an important piece to my success.  Thank you for providing me with a space shuttle booster rocket to accelerate my real estate investing career.

  — Carlos D. Rivera


I have been in the real estate profession for 29 years, as an agent and broker…  Now, I truly understand the missing link… Finding the money!  I am very thankful for this training and I am looking forward to utilizing this valuable information.

  — Kenneth L. Randolph


I have taken a lot of courses on Real Estate investing and have learned how to find and analyze the deals but not where to find the money.  This is the missing piece of the puzzle I have been looking for.  Thanks, Alan, for showing me the money!

  — David Hulsey


The tremendous amount of information provided, especially making Ralph’s expertise available.  The hot seats were illuminating.  I now have an idea of how to match marketing to luncheon/dinner area.  The ability to network was also a plus.

  — Lawrence E. Shafer


Dear fellow investor,
I am a firm believer in education.  I also expect to get the most of my investment in education.  Most educators are great at teaching you where you are, where you want to go, and the education you need to get there.  Very few teach you how to bridge that gap.  Alan Cowgill and his team bring a different level of education to the table.  Teaching us not only how to bridge the gap to success, but how that bridge is built.  My boot camp experience was the most professional event I have ever attended.  Worth every second and every dollar invested.  Thank you for your dedication as an investor, educator, and coach.  I appreciate you and your team.


  — Charles Irizarry


First time I’ve been exposed to private lending.  For the past two years I have been worried about, “where am I going to get money to invest?”  I did not realize how easy it is!  After taking Alan’s seminar nobody will stop me, I’m on the road to become wealthy.
Thank you Alan for opening the door to my future!

  — Gladys Herring


I have been a lender in the mortgage industry, when the rug gets pulled out under you, you are left with a feeling of helplessness.

Alan’s boot camp showed me a way to raise private capital to create an alternative to traditional funding.

  — Zach Mani


Great workshop!  The vision for my business has completely changed.  Alan Cowgill is the real deal.  I now know how to get the funding I need to do all the deals I want.  I feel I have a huge advantage in my business now.

  — Robert Alvarez,