Hello, my name is Kevin Derr and as someone who has not only learned from Alan but has become a friend of his, I feel uniquely qualified to answer this question, which sooner or later most prospective students and customers end up asking themselves.

So let’s get right to the point, what does separate Alan from all the other private lending trainers out there? Here are 10 things just off the top of my head:

  1. Alan has created innovative systems, tools, and personal training that put him squarely on the cutting edge of real estate investing education. Here is just a small list of his innovations:
    1. The Three-Touch Rule (The rule that differentiates family, friends, and associates from strangers)
    2. The Educational Luncheon (How to turn strangers into associates without registering with the SEC)
    3. Alan’s SEC Chart (Innovative chart that easily allows students to pick the proper SEC compliant program for their business)
    4. The California Loophole (How to get $5,000,000 in private money for only a $600 fee)
    5. The Family, Friends, & Associates Concept
    6. The 3 Levels of SEC Compliance
    7. Website disclaimer by state
    8. His knowledge of every single state’s SEC rules
    9. And I could go on and on
  2. Alan’s depth of Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) compliance knowledge.
  3. At his live events, students, under Alan’s guidance, have raised over half a BILLION DOLLARS in just their first 24 hours.
  4. Alan listens to his students then uses that insight to create an abundance of easy-to-use real estate products.
  5. His students consistently let it be known that they LOVE his live events because of his organization, training style and in-depth knowledge.
  6. Students that have been with other private lending trainers regularly call his office because of lack of SEC instruction or they have been given incorrect direction and are looking for the correct way.
  7. Alan has a burning passion that his students remain safe, which has led him to provide them with a variety of expert SEC training and tools
  8. The amazing volume of deals he has done using private money
  9. The ridiculous amount of times Alan has found his copyrighted product and training materials in other trainers’ systems. (Hey guys, that is stealing!)
  10. Alan not only provides a “warehouse” of SEC products, but the students that get his training and products are always amazed at the depth of information provided.


Kevin Derr
Real Estate Coach

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